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Suggestion for A Quick and Dirty way to generate a Class Based Random Ability Roll.

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You as a player may be interested in a relatively Randomized Ability Roll when you want to increase the level of challenge in the game, by not rolling up perfect scores every time (no more three 18's), but you also want a character who is very playable in the class you have chosen.

I use a method where I take the "very first roll above 81" (that's at least as good as most NPC adventurers in BG) where the primary ability you've chosen for the PC is also above 12. Then I deduct up to 3 points from any ability, and add up to 3 points to any other ability. Quick and dirty, and it usually works.

It gives me a character with the primary attribute of 16 to 18 and as many as 3 points added to a couple other stats that you may consider to be important. Often comes up with some very interesting and playable characters.

There are other variations on this, which I will discuss if this generates sufficient interest.
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  • francofranco Member Posts: 507
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    Thanks @zur312. I'm very aware of the fully randomized system that @Lemernis proposed in the thread you're referring to. Many may enjoy it and may give it a try.

    I believe in the system you've given the link to, the actual rolling of the Abilities in the BGEE character generator is not randomized, only the total number of rolls that you are allowed. In addition, that thread is actually referring to a specific "Randomized Challenge Game" where all the NPCs in the party are chosen ahead of time. The Class Based Random Ability Roll I'm suggesting here is therefore something very different, and you can use it on its own with any of the game styles you wish to play.
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    This idea is a good addition to a big variety of how you could determine your ability numbers. These are the ways I use in my games (from the most popular to the least):

    1) I take the best of 20 rerolls and distribute the points the way I want

    2) I take the best of 20 rerolls intact

    3) I dice the number of rerolls and take the best intact

    4) I reroll till I get 75 points (and no more) distributed the way I need without changing anything
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    Here is an example applying the Quick and Dirty Class Based Random Ability Roll.

    First the BGEE Character Generator lets you choose a PC.
    We will keep it simple for now in order to create a vanilla Male, Human, Fighter.

    Since he's a fighter, we will select the Primary Attribute as STR.

    We simply roll in the Character Generator until we get "the very first roll" above 81, where the
    primary attribute STR is above 12.

    Here is "the very first roll" that satisfies the above conditions:


    Now we can use the rule for distributing points. Any ability can be decreased up to 3 points, and any ability may be increased up to 3 points (of course, no higher than 18, unless a special race).

    The final character is a pretty impressive fighter, with STR 18/91. In this case DEX and CON were also improved with 3 points each. They couldn't quite get to 18, but they are formidable, and very playable.

    Note, we actually got a fighter with 18 STR on this first example. Some of the time, the STR ability might come in at 16 or 17, but he will still be a very viable fighter.

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    That is one righteous dude.
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