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Baldur's Gate Forum 1 year anniversary

RazorRazor Member Posts: 435
edited August 2013 in Off-Topic
Recently this forum got 1 year old.
I still remember that some of us used to discuss BG at a huge beamdog thread. And from that seed this forum was born and has grown steadily to become one of the most important places for BG fans.
One year after its creation, Atari bankruptcy and other legal bs threatens the project and possibly this forum... I hope this forum does not meet its end.

In one year, there were thousands of memes, fan art, quotes, role playing, poetry, suggestions, stories, patches and bug hunting... One year after, its still great to know new people who were marked forever by these epic 90s games. Who find in this forum others who share their passion for BG and contribute with whatever it inspires them.

I'am sure not everything went as planned for overhaul but this project is a success. And this forum's community is the proof of that. I want to believe there is a way out of the legal mess, so... "Make way villainy! Hero(es) coming through!" and congratulations to all of us, BG fans!
disclaimer: I'am just one more user.

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