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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition back on sale!

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
(This news is a few weeks old, but we realized that we never actually posted anything here. So for those who missed it, here is the letter we sent out when the game went back on sale.)
Dear Friends of Baldur’s Gate,

We're back!

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is available for sale once again. All outstanding issues with our publishing partner have been resolved.

We'll announce the details of an upcoming major *Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition* patch and the Android tablet version in the near future. We'll also have some exciting news regarding *Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition* soon after.

We want to thank our fans for the outpouring of support we received during this difficult time. Legal issues are never fun. We're glad we can once again focus on what matters - *makin' videogames!*
Again, this news is a few weeks old now, so nothing new to report, but for those who missed it, there it is.

Visit the website for more information on how you can buy the Mac, iPad, and Windows versions of the game (we'll have some information about Android in a future post). If you already know all that and just want to buy the game directly from us, visit the Windows and Mac store pages.

Game on!



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