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Ramaziths EVERYWHERE!!

MasterCbMasterCb Member Posts: 3
edited November 2013 in Fixed
So yea I thought I should mention this since this is one of my all time favorite bugs.

In a multilayer session my friend and I started the Ramazith nymph retrieval quest in Baldurs gate. Instead of doing the quest right away we decided to do some other things first. This wasn't an issue until later when in the second bottom level of Durlag's tower we ran into Ramazith...and there was 6 of him.

Since then he has appeared everywhere, most the times in groups. A couple Ramazith.s in an inn or temple. Ramazith. roaming the streets of baldurs gate. Ramazith. in every dungeon and wilderness. We even had 8 of him wake us from resting.

Like I said this isn't an issue as he is easy to kill and gives 4000 exp but it gets kind of annoying considering he was an uninvited guest to the demon knight boss fight in durlags. Also he appears inside of walls. And he always casts the same spells, sometimes disappearing after. Oh and sometimes you can talk with him or one of dozen of so clones that are bound to be nearby.

Ever since this bug started it has slowly taken over, subtle at first but growing until every inn keep, shop owner, and street bum will eventually be Ramazith. A world populated by a single glitchy wizard and his army of clones.

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