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Environment sound bug in AR800 (Baldur's Gate City Gates)



  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    edited April 2013
    Aw shoot. I actually read the topic wrong. I read it as "What is the most horrible noise in BG?" and wanted to respond with "You must gather your party before venturing forth" to try and be witty and on topic. I have failed comedy and I have failed you. I shall now go to the corner of shame.

  • MordeusMordeus Member Posts: 460
    I've experienced the very same thing, the corrupted sound only occurs in the first portion of the city. It disappears sometimes upon returning to that area. I'm playing on the appstore Mac version so I figured it was an outdated version but it could be a larger problem than that.

  • KidCarnivalKidCarnival Member Posts: 3,747
    It's a bug, and presumably known (at least I reported it). It may or may not have to do with the crash that sometimes happens in the NW area when entering. At least the fix for that significantly helped; I still sometimes get the noise, but not all the time. It seems to depend on the direction of entering. I always hear it when first entering the city, but never when traveling from the maps south of it.

  • AedanAedan Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 8,534
  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,624
    Sorry, I wasn't sure it was a bug when I posted about it. I hope it gets fixed soon, because from reading through this thread, it looks like it's been known to be a problem for two whole months! I did see a small update happen through my Beamdog screen the other day, and I didn't know what that was, but I'm pretty sure I entered the city after that point, and the screeching, nails-on-chalkboard, high decibel noise was still there.

    This audio bug is pretty bad. I think it should be high priority to get it fixed.

  • AedanAedan Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 8,534
    Have you read aVENGER's post?
    aVENGER said:

    I believe that we have identified the root cause behind this issue. A fix is in the works.

    However, due to the nature of the game engine, the fix will not be retroactive. I.e. if you have already visited AR0800 it won't work for your current playthrough. It will apply when you start a new game though.

    As for the update that you noticed, it just released the official italian translation.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,624
    @Aedan, yes, I read the post, but it's dated March 2. It is now April 30. The "fix in the works" was mentioned two months ago. I do hate to be a bother, but 60 days is a long time, considering that this close to ruins the end of the game. I guess I could just go play something else for a few weeks and keep an eye on this thread to see if and when it gets fixed.

    I might try turning off environmental sounds and see how much I miss. Maybe I could click it on and off every time I enter and exit the area.

    Either way, it's extremely annoying. The bugged sound itself is intolerable. You could use it to torture somebody. I know I'd crack after about five minutes.

  • AedanAedan Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 8,534
    I quoted that post because I wanted to be sure that you knew that the fix is not retroactive.

    Wow... This sentence is so full of "that" :)

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 3,675
    The user and all related content has been deleted.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,624
    edited April 2013
    @Aedan, yes, I get that. However, I entered the area for the first time *yesterday*. Therefore, it is obviously not fixed.

    I'm still managing to enjoy my game, actually. I just have to stay outside in the corrupted area as little as possible during the day. I've taken to ducking into buildings and getting off that map as quickly as possible, or only going there at night. If you wanted to turn me to the Darkside, this would be a good way to do it. LOL

  • MajocaMajoca Member Posts: 263
    Yep I have experienced it too, its not too bad once the madness kicks in, then you begin to like it, and it then never stops and drills deep into your mind so wherever you go in real life you can hear it! D:

  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    edited May 2013
    That sound has really blown my speakers...
    I actually prefer Manowar to BLOW MY SPEAKERS instead of that looping screech, you know..;)

    EDIT: LOL no one has got the reference in my statement... T^T

    Post edited by Metalloman on
  • GandalfPortraitGuyGandalfPortraitGuy Member Posts: 206
    Expected Behavior: Baldur's Gate plays music after entering the city
    Current Behavor: Baldur's Gate plays music and I hear iron grating over and over and over again. I'm not sure if the music is as the same as it should be either.

  • AdulAdul Member Posts: 2,002
    This thing was driving me insane, so I thought I would try to come up with a home-brewed temporary fix while we wait for the actual fix to sit around on one of OG's hard drives some more.

    The problem seemed to be that the name of the ambient sound that would play during the day was corrupted. The nighttime ambient sound was corrupted as well, but that only resulted in no ambient sound playing during the night.

    I've uploaded a zip file with the temporary fix. It needs to be placed in the override folder under the BG:EE install folder\Data\00766 directory. (If the override folder doesn't exist, you can create it.)

    Unfortunately, the fix will not work for saved games where you've already visited the problematic area.

    If you do use this fix, I suggest removing it before installing the next BG:EE official patch whenever that comes out.

  • Awong124Awong124 Member Posts: 2,643
    edited May 2013
    When in that area during the day, there is a strange loud noise that plays continuously over the music. The noise sounds like metal scraping. It does not happen in any of the other eight areas.

    I guess expected behavior would be that the noise not be there.

  • AedanAedan Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 8,534
    edited May 2013
    Thread merged. This bug has already been reported. If you read this discussion, you will find some interesting notes about this issue - for instance, the fact that the upcoming fix will not be retroactive.

  • LateralusLateralus Member Posts: 903
    It happens only during the daylight, and it sounds like an intro to a Nine Inch Nails song! Which is awesome, but seeing as how I party with a half-orc and a couple of drows, I travel by night.

  • kmfdmkmfdm Member Posts: 18
    edited July 2013
    Yeh at first I thought that my media monkey's auto-DJ decided to start my Front Line Assembly playlist, but this was actually too repetitive even for my tastes. However, opening and closing the map does the trick for me and it always disappears.

  • rathlordrathlord Member Posts: 171
    I realize everything has been thrown on hold but can we get any confirmation that this was ever fixed? It's happening in my game and I bought EE pretty recently (only a week or two before the shutdown). I woulda thought that in the 5(?) months this bug has been reported it would have at least got a quick fix.

  • rathlordrathlord Member Posts: 171
    edited July 2013
    Thanks guys. I knew there were quick fixes floating around, I was just checking up on the state for the future (as it were). Since I've already been there in my (one) game, no need for me to hotfix quite yet. Here's hoping by the time I'm to Baldur's Gate in my next playthrough the patch is out!

    Edit: And apologies if my above comment came off rude, I didn't mean it that way. It was late and night and I prolly shoulda just gone to bed (-;

  • ZoGarthZoGarth Member Posts: 47
    I keep getting a repeating grinding/clanking noise when entering the city of Baldur's Gate (only on east side main entrance map)

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    Yeah I remember that as well. I dunno if it was a bug, or just background ambience that went a bit too far.

    It didn't bother me too much in the end. I don't remember if it's cos the problem went away, or if I just stopped noticing.

  • ZoGarthZoGarth Member Posts: 47
    Cool beans...thank you for the update

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