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Baldur's Gate Forum 1 year anniversary

RazorRazor Member Posts: 435
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Recently this forum got 1 year old.
I still remember that some of us used to discuss BG at a huge beamdog thread. And from that seed this forum was born and has grown steadily to become one of the most important places for BG fans.
One year after its creation, Atari bankruptcy and other legal bs threatens the project and possibly this forum... I hope this forum does not meet its end.

In one year, there were thousands of memes, fan art, quotes, role playing, poetry, suggestions, stories, patches and bug hunting... One year after, its still great to know new people who were marked forever by these epic 90s games. Who find in this forum others who share their passion for BG and contribute with whatever it inspires them.

I'am sure not everything went as planned for overhaul but this project is a success. And this forum's community is the proof of that. I want to believe there is a way out of the legal mess, so... "Make way villainy! Hero(es) coming through!" and congratulations to all of us, BG fans!
disclaimer: I'am just one more user.
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  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    Oh I didn't realise how young this forum was. I guess in a few years, I'd consider myself an elder of the forum :D
  • WigglesWiggles Member Posts: 571
    This thread will be the best thread ever!!

    Well... until this time next year...
  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    One year old...

    And still my efforts to put a mummie into BG:EE has not born fruit...

    No matter...

    Time is nothing to the undead...
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  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    Maybe we should put together some kind of community/forum awards event to mark the occasion
  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    @Ajwz Confused... The occasion for a 1 year old forum or putting a Mummie into BG:EE?
    [Deleted User]ajwzWiggles
  • RazorRazor Member Posts: 435
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    @belgarathmth Thank you too, what you said is exactly what I feel. Easily one of the nicest places on the internet. And since we could use some good news, I noticed that June was the month BGEE forum opened to public (I think) But it was probably open since May for those working on BGEE. Correct me if I'am wrong.
    And now, @mlnevese thats great news!
    ps: some people are not getting the "first anniversary" badge, myself included, not that big deal but I would still like it ;)
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  • MalicronMalicron Member Posts: 629
    mlnevese said:

    And as a gift BGEE is back on sale :)

    And more importantly, work on BG2:EE can now continue! :D
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    @Razor Send a PM to Nathan and he'll fix your badge problem. It may take some time with the game back on sale.
  • rdarkenrdarken Member Posts: 660
    Agreed, these forums are pretty awesome! Probably because we're all grown ups - at least most of us :)
  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,314
    @Dee can sort out badge issues now.
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    @Cerevant Good to know that. :)
  • theoricustheoricus Member Posts: 115
    edited August 2013
    Happy anniversary, these forums are great and I like that developers also post here their messages.

    Still, some reminder: 1st forum anniversary and I still haven't played BG:EE due to lack of polish voiceover and broken polish fonts. This is nearly as dissappointing as the new colour of Imoen's hair. Polish VO is legendary (even if only for polish players :D) and I want it in the game.

    But on the other hand the game offers lots of good stuff :) so it will be pleasure to play it eventually.
  • GoForTheEyesBooGoForTheEyesBoo Member Posts: 97
    Its been a great ride full of adventure (and misadventures). Looking forward to the next patch and BG2EE!

    @Dee, can I have a badge ? :)
  • jameskerjamesker Member Posts: 99
    One year older! One year wiser! lets all shut up and have a Tizer! Americans and other Europeons have cans of Tizers? Anyway Happy Anniversary!
  • GawdzillaGawdzilla Member Posts: 86
    The old BioWare BG discussion boards were fantastic. I learned so much about the games, player classes, spells, impossible monster strategies.. Then the boards changed into generic corporate mush, years of threads vanished, and I cried tears of blood for a month.

    The forums here are well on their way to replacing all of that! Congrats on a year well-lived.
  • wojtekwojtek Member Posts: 311
    so anyone know how big is our community? how many people are on this forum?
  • BolekBolek Member Posts: 60
    @wojtek - i think that at the bottom of board there is stats section.
  • RazorRazor Member Posts: 435
    @wojtek I don't know, but based on the most common badge, at least 9140 users!
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    @wojtek The site stats pages says 16.665 users registered.
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