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Game Update: v1.2.0

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
edited October 2013 in Archived News
I hope you all remembered to equip helmets, because this patch is a CRITICAL HIT. We've resolved over 300 discreet issues, added numerous new features, and optimized performance on all systems.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped in the beta testing phases over the last few weeks.

Some highlights from this patch:

New Features!

Newly Enhanced User Interface

The bottom panel interface has been improved, and the action bar has been given a level of transparency. The font used in the combat log is now sharper as well.

All interface windows in the game now appear as windows instead of concealing the entire screen, and can be toggled back to the gameplay screen by pressing their individual hot-keys (I for Inventory, R for Record, etc.). Some screenshots:




Compatibility with Intel chipsets!

A new renderer has been implemented that eliminates the crashes and slowdowns for most systems. Ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date; you should no longer need to run the game in Compatibility Mode.

Multiplayer Match-Making (Beta)

A new match-making system has been implemented for multiplayer, removing the need to forward ports to your router when setting up a game. Just click on Multiplayer, Create Game, and give your game a session name and a password if you like. Currently open games are displayed on the Join Games screen, allowing players to quickly pick up and play with people from across the globe.

New unique default colors for every race and class

Every race now has a default color for skin and hair; every class (and kit) now has unique default colors for clothing and armor. Modders can take advantage of this feature by editing CLASCOLR.2da and RACECOLR.2da to give their races and kits the desired defaults. Some examples:

Half-Orc Wizard Slayer:

Elf Shadowdancer:

Gnome Illusionist:

Dwarven Defender:

Other Features of Note:

Custom Portraits now only require a large portrait, will scale and resize from resolutions up to 1024
Spellcasters may now select the same spell to be memorized more than once at character creation
New font has been implemented
Added option to scale UI
Middle mouse button allows dragging of gameplay screen
Items will automatically stack in inventory
Locked containers highlight green for thieves
Subtitles option added for movies
Quests/Done Quests now show date added
Arrow keys will move map rectangle
Rasaad's kit changed to Sun Soul Monk
Shadowdancer kit rebalanced

Externalizations for Modders:

Monk fists are externalized to MONKFIST.2da (modders rejoice!)
Externalized spells that may be cast while silenced
Externalized what races may dual-class
Externalized Barbarian's (and Dwarven Defender's) HP table
Externalized which HP table is used for classes
Externalized racial restrictions for class and school of magic
Externalised which mage spells are hidden from spell selection screens
Externalized Monk's AC bonuses
Externalized reputation loss
Externalized APR
Externalized the hardcoded limit of settable traps
Externalized the summon cap for monsters and celestials.
Externalized the effect and magnitude of weapons styles
Externalized banter timer value
Added Turn Undead level modifier opcode

Crash Fixes:

Improved multiplayer stability
Resolved crash due to missing portraits
Constantly viewing movies in Options menu no longer causes crash
Fixed crash related to battling wyverns

Other Improvements:

At final tally, there were 333 improvements worth noting here. If you want to see the full list, open the button below:

General performance improvements on older graphics chipsets (including Intel)
Shadowdancer's shadow step may be used during combat
Shadowdancer can't be proficient with axes
Shadowstep will not alert those around when looting
Shadowdancer follows correct backstab progression
Creatures will not disappear after loading
Thieving hotkey always available for Cleric/Thieves
Travel times between areas no longer inconsistent
Fixed guards disappearing during long battles
Improved Dark Moon Monk's Chill Touch
Improved text wrapping for all languages
Thac0 Box will always display the correct information
Increased maximum dexterity and charisma for Dwarves
Increased maximum wisdom for Halflings
Better text wrapping for all languages
Items will stack when the inventory is full
Issue with DLC and IAPs resolved
Gnome Multi-class Illusionists are restricted to 16+ dexterity
Dorn always interacts with player after initial encounter
Dorn repeating dialogue no longer occurs
Rasaad will once again show justice in Nashkel
Fixed Elf +1 THAC0 bonus to short/long swords
Added Aldeth's Quest from Unfinished Business
Duration of Enchanted Weapon spell corrected
Wizard Slayer's spell failure per hit corrected
Turning off selection text issue has been resolved
HP gained from familiar fixed
Sorcerer's weapon slot number resolved
Twenty-five spells may now be displayed
Critical items will not be dropped when inventory is full
Improved interaction with Angelo/Neb
Improved interaction with Bheren
Improved interaction with Chloe
Improved interaction with Commoners
Improved interaction with Cordyr
Improved interaction with Courtesans
Improved interaction with Dorn
Improved interaction with Gandolar Luckyfoot
Improved interaction with Greywolf
Improved interaction with Helm and Cloak Inn guards
Improved interaction with Husam
Improved interaction with Lusselyn
Improved interaction with Meklin
Improved interaction with Prism
Improved interaction with Scar
Improved interaction with Taxek
Improved interaction with custom characters
Improved interaction with undercellar nobleman
Delsvirftanyon will give Leather Armor +1
Auto-save added to Adoy's Enclave
Invisibility now has correct radius
Lusselyn, Ike, Calahan, Dushai will check for correct amount of gold
Dispel Magic has been improved
Switching to fullscreen issues resolved
Petrine's Cat quest will always give XP upon completion
No longer possible to miss chapter transitions from copying notes
Hitpoint display no longer flickers while moving
Watchers in Candlekeep will assist the player in battle
Area in NW Baldur's Gate now reachable
Able to quick save while looting
Confused Sarevok will no longer leave the Temple
Improved Invisibility gives proper bonuses
Monster spawns do not disappear after quick load
Quick Tooltip functions while looting
Strange sound in E Baldur's Gate has been removed
Further improved encounter with Narlen
Kivan's quest has proper timer
Quick loading no longer sobers up characters
Wand of polymorphing no longer kills after morph
Interaction with Ramazith has been improved
Game will be over if Dukes don't survive the palace
Changed Rasaad's starting HP
Familiar dialogue has been improved
Dying familiar deals proper damage to wizard
Pheirkas will offer quest to Mage/Thief combos
Alerted guards will despawn correctly
Tutorial transitions to proper menu when completed
Charming Raiken will reveal a location
Erdane will purchase fenced goods
Corrected Blushing Mermaid's exterior sign
Wraparound reaction rolls have been dealt with
Dragon Disciple's Breath Weapon now bypasses Magic Resistance
Ghosts in Firewine always play the correct sound
Gnolls will fight back at Drizzt
Aec'Letec will always appear
Key to River Plug will be removed after use
All sirines in Seawatcher will be hostile
Half-Orc automatic healing exploit removed
Baeloth's ring now has correct charge count
Baeloth has new potions
No longer able to become stuck in Adoy's cell
Swashbuckler and Kensai THAC0/damage bonuses shown
No more graphical corruption in Ice Island area
Fixed duration of Animal Summoning II
Fixed Elminster Friendly Arm Inn spawn
Tweaked rewards for Scar's quest
Yago will surrender
Resolved rain/snow partical rendering
Character record scroll issue fixed
Cursed Potion of Invulnerability no longer requires identification
Firedrake traps in third lower layer of Durlag's Tower now function
Stinking Cloud and Cloudkill cast by Durlag's Doppelgangers working
Ulgoth's Beard now linked to the proper areas
Fixed Spirit wolf's level drain
Wild Mage caster level issue resolved
Transition to Chapter 6 has been modified
Language option menu has been improved
General Store in SW Baldur's Gate guard spawn fixed
Ring of Wizardry no longer wearable by Monks
Only Eldoth may use Poisoned Arrow
Sunfire no longer bypasses magical resistance
Interaction with Shar-Teel has been improved
More accuracy with launched AoE projectiles
Fixed Gorion's dialogue issue
Werewolf curse will always be reversed
Helm and Cloak guards react properly
Sun Soul Monk's flaming fist APR fixed
Added auto-save to Adoy's Enclave
Store no longer have infinite magical items and scrolls
Slowed scrolling speed when looking at saved games
Proper sound effects played when using containers
Firebead now takes all identify scrolls
Killing Be'land and Brathlen give reputation loss
Edwin's breaking point fixed
Dorn's reputation impact handled consistently
Mirror Image and Stoneskin no longer grant immunity to poison
Proper XP given for The Seven Suns quest
Travel time to Isle of Balduran has been improved
Gauntlets of Crushing now work properly with Monks
Improved bear spawn location in Isle of Balduran (South)
Angelo's voiced lines added
Pheirkas no longer considers Mage/Thieves to be amateurs
Gorpel Hind will get more support from the other members of the Merry Fools
Several "Guards" now have actual names
Proper unidentified belt name
Fixed issue where Gnomes turn into Dwarfs
Viconia no longer tricks Rasaad into joining the party
Neela's initial encounter is now more consistent
Izefia doesn't hang around if Faldorn is in the party
Aec'Letec appears more dependably and tweaked
Drizzt's boots make him faster than average once again
A lonely Flaming Fist near Beregost now has some friends
Tellan is slightly more interesting
Creating party in Black Pits now easier
Added rejoining dialogue to Black Pits custom characters
Full inventory during Gorion cutscene fixed
Cordyr's sidequest will grant XP no matter the reputation
Dorn betrayal dialogue contains more characters
Shar-Teel makes more sense when leaving female characters
Some of Rasaad's dialog now accessible
Description images added for some items that were missing theirs
Magreb's dialogue makes more sense
Tarnor is worth more XP
The Bartender at the Belching Dragon tavern is more informative
Some guards providing assistance in Cloakwood mines are more intelligent
Charmed Cloakwood guards and BG commoners initiate proper dialogue
Knock no longer works on some warded locks
Undead do not flee quite so far when turned
Death in tutorial will no longer cause the credits button to disappear
Nashkel miner delivers unique dialogue
Fixed issues with Neera's dialogue
Shield fixed in Obe's tutorial
Equipping and combining ammo tweaked
Noralee's race corrected
Thayan Bodyguard has proper soundset
Mirror Image now affected by caster level
Female cooks have proper name
Ruby Ring now found in Ankheg layer
Beruel's Retort +1 bypasses protection from normal missles
Range corrected for Conjure lesser air, fire and earth elmentals
Made some powers/spells easier to script
Chesley Crusher/Offensive Spin APR corrected
Safana now leaves if you don't complete her quest
Keexie Tavern now has map not and proper music
Jondalar may turn hostile in Candlekeep
Jondalar has new dialogue for Monks
Added missing map notes to Candlekeep
Alt-F4 will display warning message
Alt-TAB will not cause graphical corruptions
Fixed trapped chests in various places
Tarnor is worth more XP
Resolved Baeloth's ring's charge count
Removed detectable traps from certain areas
Certain map markers in Baldur's Gate have been corrected
Courtesans in Baldur's Gate now have proper dialogue
Fixed Blushing Mermaid's sign in N Baldur's Gate
Ragefast's home now has a map note
Bear cage now features actual bear
True Neutral appears in usable lists
Familiar's AC fixed
Stores can handle longer item names
Issue with dropping critical items resolved
Ulgoth's beard intro text fixed
Wraithform scroll no longer usable by Monks
Corrected various creature's class type
Bandit scalps can be sold in more places.
Fog of war is less deadly to rest interrupters
Fixed the weight of various items
Fixed the speed of various items
Quest/Journal log fixes
Remove Party member GUI improvements
Rain/Snow improvements
Wild Surge improvements
Spawning many commoners fixed
Localization Issues addressed
Scroll bars improved
NPC fleeing improved
Magically created weapon duration fixed
Savegame thumbnail centered
Save/Load game list scrolling improved
Camera zooming improved
Dual class proficiency exploit removed
Assign keys options added
Items restricted from Wizard Slayer
Sunfire spell resistance issue addressed
Store/temple GUI improved
Sirines are appropriately grumpy
Pick pockets improved
Conversations improved
Formations added
Baldur's Gate beggars are more discerning
Sparring dummies nailed down
Law of conservation of cursed scrolls enacted
THAC0 and Damage displays improved
Xan's Moonblade description improved
Dialog formatting improved
Text wrapping improved
Floating text duration increased
Splash screen improved
Hide GUI improved
Projectile accuracy improved
Soundcard support improved
Language selection screen standardized
Minimizing behaviour improved
Icon states improved
Party AI improved
Ducal palace door exploit fixed
Negative reaction exploit fixed
Camera view scrolling improved
Tab hint behaviour improved
Dual-Class and Multi-class HP corrected
Items that set the character's APR now work correctly
Mages are now correctly limited by their Intelligence when determining the highest-level spells they can write into their spellbooks
Sirine's Feeblemind attack now bestows portrait icon
Sun Soul Monk's Flaming Fist ability improved
Sorcerer now receives correct penalty for non-proficiency (-5 THAC0)
Stephen Re'Cap no longer has an erroneously feminine death cry
Centeol now plays audio for her first line
Only one chapter video plays when leaving for the Isle of Balduran (instead of the erroneous two)
Daily-use items now correctly recharge when stored in containers
NPCs now display their correct kit descriptions
Ankhegs no longer subject to attacks when hiding underground
Daily-use items no longer change store value when waiting to be recharged
Dream sequences are now correctly triggered when resting at inns
Dwarven Defender kit now displays (but is unselectable) at Character Creation if the selected Race is not Dwarf
Sorcerers may now select Wraithform as a known spell at the appropriate level
Shadowdancer stealth cooldown after backstab added
Vampiric Wolf is now considered undead
Monks can no longer use the Wraithform scroll
Editing map notes now works correctly
Burning Hands description now properly notes its effect as a single-target spell
PageUp and PageDown keys now properly expand and contract the combat log
Multiplayer now defaults to TCP/IP when no network connection is detected
HP breakdown now displays correct values for "Class Hit Points Per Level"
Lothander now behaves correctly after speaking to the diviner
Class bonuses to Armor Class now display correctly on the Record and Inventory screens
The game no longer crashes when destroying petrified skeletons
Black Talon Elites now drop Bandit Scalps
Zeke no longer tries to sell you his scroll if Branwen is dead or destroyed
Cadderly, the mage who appears in Candlekeep, is now dressed in lore-appropriate clothing
World map now scrolls up and down with the mouse scroll wheel
Find Traps skill value no longer wraps up or down when higher than 255 or lower than 0
Inventory and Record screens display THAC0 and Damage values correctly when wielding one weapon or two weapons
Off-hand weapons now only attack once per round, rather than alternating with the main-hand weapon
Neera initiates dialogue as expected when Edwin is in the party after rescuing her from the Red Wizards
Movie audio no longer stutters
Alt-Tab now works correctly in full-screen mode when using more than one monitor
Sensate Amulet now only increases maximum hit points, not current hit points
Vampires are no longer subject to disease
Ajantis now leaves and turns hostile when Dorn is recruited (as expected from his dialogue)
Imported characters no longer retain bonus HP from familiar
Thayvian bodyguards will not continue to fight after they kill a member of the party
Davaeorn's Stoneskin spell is now dispellable with Breach
Demon Knight on the first floor of Durlag's Tower is no longer killable
Pressing Alt-F4 now displays a warning message before closing the game
Players may now buy quantities of ammunition up to the maximum amount that can be carried in available inventory slots
Kivan no longer will mark his quest as completed if he is not in the party
Kivan no longer initiates dialogue with the party from off-screen after kicking him out of the party
End-game dialogue text no longer mentions exported characters, now mentions importing saved game into BGII:EE
Safana no longer gets into a dialogue loop with Dorn
Edventar's Gift no longer retains Free Action effect after removing it
The top of the Iron Throne map now displays more of the surrounding area
Neera now travels to the Friendly Arm Inn as expected when her initial request to join the party is rejected
Berserker's rage ability now deals the correct amount of damage at the end of the effect and will not kill the berserker
The game now auto-saves after the Gorion cutscene
Ammo stacking improved
TCP/IP Multiplayer improvements
Deafness stacking exploit fixed
Options menu improved
Editing text improved

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