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A "guide" to Jan Jansen

CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,145
Well, first, I write like jan speaks, so if you find him irritating, you'll find me a lot more irritating through.
And, you know, second, many think of Jan just as a mad Gnomish idiot, but I think he is the most hilarious, and not to say, you see, that he is very over powered, he creates a powerful ammo that stuns enemies, and also he is an Illusionist.
The best crossbow you can get for him in the game is Firetooth+4 (and the +5 :D), well, but a Light Crossbow of Speed (The Army Scythe) will go very well with his special stun ammo, you know, he can become death, destroyer of... No, he won't have many kills at the end of ToB, he stuns your enemies so, your tanks can deal easy damage to them.
Then he has banters with all the NPCs, and they are VERY funny, sometimes you want to hung him from a rope, but sometimes all you want to do with him is give him a hug.
I really recommend taking him, I took him besides CHARNAME was a Mage/Thief like him (but had 19 Dex, 19 Int, power gaming you know), but maybe you prefer creating a Fighter class CHARNAME and took him for your run.
His starting equipment is very good, especially because they make him very overpowered in comparison with other NPC's starting equipment (*ahem* Anomen *ahem* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* he comes from a rich family and only has a +1 shield *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*), and the spells he has aren't so bad after all (*ahem* Nalia *ahem* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* she does not have Fireball (nor Sunfire) and you'll have to kill trolls (but she has Cloudkill) *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *dies of cough*)
Well, I can say he is worth (the effort of trying *shut up, you inner Xan!*) the party-slot, maybe take him only one timem but be sure to do it before you die.
Also, he helps you in Spellhold, answering a question with another question, but about turnips.
Another thing, he is MAD for turnips (no, he really does).



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