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Neera & Friends (SPOILERS)

So uhm guise, I have a question about mai waifu's (Neera) quests. If you haven't played BG II: EE, yet, don't click the spoiler!
Also, preferring answers from people who have helped her before and are roe-mantzing her.

So I...
-Did the whole thing at the Hidden Refuge where I talked to ERRYBODY (STOP MAKING CHARACTERS THAT ARE LIKEABLE); I did NOT save Barad Ding's cats, give that dwarf girl who is totally from Azeroth her booze, or give that mage-child her headband
-saved...I'm going to call him Gildor Moon-Berry (that putzy blue elf), trashed the Thayans who tried to trash him (Hey, Aegisfield, got something else for you to look at! ;D)
-Went "oh god is Neera going to go Maiev Shadowsong? Because if Neera is going to go Maiev Shadowsong, I am going to be happy." after the Hidden Refuge got trashed
-Trashed the hell out of the Thayans in the laboratories...and dotted the Is and crossed the Ts with the Wild Mage unlock puzzle thing; watched Barad Ding die of despair (what the HELL?! :()
-Went back to the Hidden Refuge and got ************'s Robe from Telana, groaned when I found out that the stoner elf is still alive

So uh long story short I sort of jumped the gun on several occasions. Is Neera now only adventuring with me because she's like, "Well, at least most wild mages he encounters end up survivng...", and is it now no longer possible to romance me because two of her friends are missing (and that little boy) and one is dead partially because of me? :(?

The most recent thing Neera said to me was "WOW CITIES HOW DO THEY WORK", and I was like, "yeah they're pretty cool", and she was like, "being lonely in the High Forest was cool".

also in a future patch please provide us an option to waste the stoner elf, he's annoying

I mean if I screwed things up, I've got the Nalia romance installed, and have yet to play Courageous Troll Slaying Hero and win the fair Lady de'Arnise's heart. I did not install Romantic Encounters, because despite how much fun it is to hit on dragons and flirt with Guildmistress Busya, I just decided not to this time.


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