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Sarevok Ascension mod Questions[heavy spoilers]

BlubboBlubbo Member Posts: 1
Now I haven't actually played through the Ascension mod or throne of bhaal quite yet... But I came across some spoilers about Sarevok betraying you under certain conditions. Now I'd like some clarification on that..

If you put him under a geas does he betray you no matter what? Even if you are roleplaying evil and generally encourage him in whatever way in conversations?

I would like to avoid him betraying me, when I'm roleplaying an evil party as I have no intentions to change his alignment.

Preferably I'd like someone who knows pretty much ALL THERE IS TO KNOW about this topic. The scattered info I found across the web annoys me to no end. So unless you are 100% sure, please avoid posting.

I know this isn't technically part of any Enhanced Edition topic as I hear ascension isn't compatible yet, but this is one of the most active boards for current Baldurs gate discussions. I'm sorry if it annoys anyone.


  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    It kinda depends... but if you DONT require him to swear an oath (which is effectively a geas in the PP), then you got a good shot at keeping him for the finale. When the alignment change dlg comes up, just do what you think best for an evil party. It will start with him wanting to have a word with you.
  • shawneshawne Member Posts: 3,239
    Assuming you don't use a geas, Sarevok will only betray you if his alignment is the opposite of yours (so if you're Evil, you should agree with him when he talks about power and your plans for the future; if you're Good, you have to convert him).
  • VitorVitor Member Posts: 286
    edited July 2015
    So, I'm Chaotic Evil, and made him oath to me. I don't intend to change his alignment, but I do not play a jerk. I say to him that after everything is over, he is free to go and it's not my business if he wants to murder mass of people, and when he offered for us to be like brothers conquering the world, I said that I do not have interest in causing gratuitous suffering to people.

    Well... Is he going to betray me? I'm counting the oath will works, even if he wants me dead.

    @Cuv, do you know if this oath really works and that he will never betray me?
  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,268
    edited July 2015
    (Un)Holy necromancy man :/

    Anyways, the way it works is below:

    Difficulty lower than normal: Sarevok never betrays
    Sarevok evil, reputation low: doesn't betray
    Sarevok good: doesn't betray
    Sarevok evil, reputation high: betrays

    Taking the oath apparently doesn't affect anything, except that the dialogue with Melissan is altered slightly.

    Edit: correction, normal difficulty, not core, sorry.
  • VitorVitor Member Posts: 286
    edited July 2015
    Thanks, @Artemius_I.

    Things are complicated for me, because I have an evil party with good reputation (14 right now). I really was counting this oath was not a trick :/

    I think I'll have to transform in slayer form a few times, then, to low my reputation...
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