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Spoilers-What just happened here?

mement0mement0 Member Posts: 105
I am at the planar prison. My only mage is Aerie and she has all the wrong spells to encounter the Warden. No true sight, no Breach, nothing. Besides she doesn't have enough levels to cast the aforementioned spells.

So after a Stinking Cloud panic reaction which obviously did nothing and a fireball which did minor damage (I assume it removed the stoneskins) I used Animate Dead and moved away. 5HD Sceleton Warrior with a +1 weapon appears and in a few seconds a Thrall is dead and the Prison Warden is Badly Injured.

What the heck just happened there? I thought the Warden looked too [email protected] to be killed by a summoning.

I can only assume he tried constant spellcasting on the Sceleton Warrio and that the warrior has high MR or something. Any ideas?


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