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Keldorn: How old do you think he is?

BaldursCatBaldursCat Member Posts: 432
So, every now and again the "best romance mod" discussion crops up and (predictably) I champion the Keldorn romance as being a really good mod and not just as a romance, but whenever I, and others, mention it it seems to provoke an: "Ewww, man, he's old!" reaction. The mod deals with the whole "Ew, man, he's married" thing quite well so I'll not cover that but really, how old you think he is? Sure, he's got a grey goatee and grey streaks through his hair but there aren't that many wrinkles on his face in his portrait, and also he has a comparatively young wife - she's certainly described as such - who, it's indicated in the vanilla version of the game, he has a full and intimate relationship with, plus his two daughters of teenage years and younger. Sure, I can understand where the idea that he's old comes from, but I think it's a case of us projecting modern ideas onto a fantasy character, that's why I'm interested.

Keldorn: How old do you think he is? 247 votes

30-40 Years
4% 10 votes
40-50 Years
46% 114 votes
50-60 Years
44% 109 votes
Old as the Hills
1% 3 votes
So ancient even Elminster's lost count of how long he's been alive
2% 7 votes
Other ('cause you have to have an 'Other' option.
1% 4 votes


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