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What does the Luck spell actually do?

The in-game text for this spell says that it gives a 5% boost to any of the character's actions. I've used it to open locks/disarm traps that I otherwise couldn't, so I know that works. However, when I tried to use it to boost my chance to learn spells to 100% it didn't work. It says it works on "saving throws, to-hit rolls, thieving skills, etc.", but I guess etc doesn't include your chance to learn spells. What is the full list of affected things?


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  • bbearbbear Member Posts: 1,180
    Wish the duration of luck can last longer, like at least a turn.

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  • syllogsyllog Member Posts: 158
    edited December 2013
    If luck either:
    (a) Lasted 6-10 rounds (~turn)
    (b) Stacked (!!!) [Put 2 in a minor sequencer, then 3 in another sequencer - most spells would do max damage for three rounds...]
    (c) or was a free cast (alacrity like effect so you burn a spell slot but not a round)

    It would be an awesome spell!
    Never critically failing. Boosting all the damage done, crits made, decrease damage taken, etc.
    But it lasts 3 rounds (2 rounds of casting time) and doesn't stack (in my tests with Magic Missile at least).

    It's still theoretically much better than you think, but it's effects too obscure and BG too buggy.
    e.g. in tests with magic missile, acid arrow, and melfs meteors it mostly works as described.

    But at least once it reduced damage to a protectect character of a (single) magic missle to 1 (the minimum should be 2). Another time the offending character was lucked but an arrow only did 3 damage (2d4 - that means one of those rolls came up 1).

    I just don't trust the programmers enough to use the spell sadly. :/ (It also only lasts two turns for casting purposes - the first turn being the turn you first cast it on!!!!)

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