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Who's your favorite character? (Survey #1)



  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    My most favorite character ever?

    Kivan. He was the first ranger that I ever saw outside of the ADnD campaign my dad was in, where my dad had his own ranger named 'Link the Great'. Another thing about Kivan was that he was the first elf I met in the game as well, and I guess I kind of got attached to him, and his 'I'm out for revenge for my wife." story. Also, in a powergamer's perspective, he is one of the best archers in the game.

    Then, when Domi created the Kivan and Deheriana companions mod, that just made a lot of other things better. I mean, if you were female, and liked Kivan you could romance him, and if he was just your Ranger Bro, you could get his wife resurrected, and restored.

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    Wilson is the best, bear none

  • FrondFrond Member Posts: 121
    edited December 2013
    I would have to say Viconia.
    Her drow background is unique, and her story was facinating. When she first spoke about the farm near Bergost and the men that "abused" and tried to bury her alive I was floored. Then she continues on to say that she hunted down njd murdered them. Just amazing. Plus, having just recently read R.A Salvator's 25th aniversary of the Legend of Drizzt, it was really cool to see his background tie in so well to hers.

    Also Dorn is just plain badass and Edwin makes me laugh.

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    I'm really pleased with the amount of love Keldorn has got so far. I agree he is awesome. It is really interesting having an older man in the party, and it adds a new dynamic. Also his voice acting was great, especially considering how corny many paladins or knights can be. He was an excellent foil to Anomen, was awesome in accepting and admiring Mazzy, had a cool buddy-cop relationship with Minsc, had a PERFECT banter with Yoshimo and I even liked how he was flawed with his relation to Viconia.

    He was a paladin done right, which is a rarity. He was Lawful Good without being Naive Good like an Aerie (still love her) or a Lawful Stupid like many paladins are portrayed.

    I'd like to see a female romanceable Paladin. Maybe a Half-Elf who is hiding her elven heritage to join the Order of the Radiant Heart? I'd also like to see another bard, and preferably a shorty-race. I think it would be fun to make her on of Jan Jansen's nieces or cousins from his Uncle Scrappy or Binky or whatever. They seem like they would make funny bards (2 hour epic songs about turnips!)

    Essentially I'd like to see a "cheat" in which you can have a race grow as a class that is usually barred to them on the character creation screen, like Aerie was and how Mazzy kinda, sorta was. The possibilities with this kind of character make for some interesting ideas.

  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    In my few BG2 playthroughs, Yoshimo has always been my favorite. I love his personality, his accent, his dialogues, his sidequests... Yes, I even love the part when he stabs you in the back via geas because it makes for good plot, and it rips my heart out every flippin' time. *sigh...*

    Imoen's really high on the list. I love how she starts out as this really chipper, mischievous thief, but darkens after you discover the truth about her lineage. I love that she's loyal to you every step of the way, and even after she darkens a little, she still tries to cheer you on and lighten the mood when all hope is thought lost. She's just a great big ball of sunshine, but not so much that you're blinded by it.

    I love Jaheira. I love how strong of a woman she is. I love that she's hard-headed and opinionated and sometimes a little too stern, but also caring and wise. She's my favorite of the three romances, not only because she's been with you from almost the very beginning, but also because it's one of the most developed of the plots. There's so many feelings to tap--the loss of Khalid, the struggle to balance her loyalty to the Harpers with her loyalty to the protagonist... And she's a total environmental badass. "Better to have let the land grow wild!" Love her accent, too. I'm still trying to imitate it to this day. ^_^;;

    Minsc is just a riot, and I think he's one of those characters that people seriously underestimate simply because he's the "clown" character.

    As for new characters, I haven't played their BG2 storylines yet, but I loved Dorn in BG1:EE. His voice was just so dark and deep... A thousand kudos go to his voice actor, because he practically makes the character. I love his backstory, how downright evil he is, his "cheat" status as a half-orc blackguard... And let's not forget that 19 strength. Ohhh boy... So much chunking happened in my evil playthrough. So. Much. Chunking!

    ...I really need to play BG2:EE. ;_;

  • LaceLace Member Posts: 74
    I really like the new BG2 character, Hexxat. I'll not go spoilery here, but I totally didn't expect what you did with her and Clara, and I really liked that surprise. She is a well-developed character with intrigue and good backstory, and is fun to play. Thanks for adding her.

  • ChorazyGlusChorazyGlus Member Posts: 151
    First I've got to say that I never managed to finish the original BG1, bcs it crashed always when I entered Baldur's Gate. I tried it with two different originals and on two different computers, but no luck. So in BG:EE I'm most fond of Kagain (great lines, love his regen when travelling) then it would be Viconia; I like her in BG:EE more than in BG2, not sure why. Alora bcs she is best thief in game, at least in EE. Also from new NPC's i like Dorn the best, though we do not see that much reputation drops unlike BG2:EE, not sure why, but his voiceacting is just magnificent.

    I played original BG2 countless times, including ToB. Here it would be Jaheira, both romance and non romance path, just bcs she has great development of character and extra long quests; then it would be Edwin, just plainly superb lines and voicing during Mae'Var investigation plus whole Edwina segment. Third place Yoshimo, bcs he is still the best thief and his story can have a somewhat good ending and yes, lots of xp. New NPC's: Neera has developed herself from anoying blah blah blah in BG:EE to actually likable character, so big plus here. Dorn is also fine, lots of reputation micromanagement if u care to go for it and finally some real badass choices, so kudos here as well. Hexxat is fine, but thats mainly bcs her quests are really different from what I was used to so far. I am neutral about her character.

    That's all from me for now, though it would be nice to have a chance to write about the most hated/underused NPC'S too:P

  • DungeonnoobDungeonnoob Member Posts: 315
    Its a lovely day in the neighbourhoods,singing bard is my favorite.Dont recall he's name at the moment.

  • The_MageThe_Mage Member Posts: 19
    I would have to say that I have been smitten with Viconia for some time, and she's always a main addition to my party.
    I think she has one of the more fascinating backstories in the BG2 campaign, and there is a lot Charname and her can relate to; not really fitting in because of their heritage being one of them. Furthemore, I really like how you can show her a different side of things.

    I also like Jaheira for reasons already mentioned above.

    And Imoen.

    And Jan.

    And Minsc.

    Damn, this is a long list.

  • LathraelLathrael Member Posts: 69
    A LOT more to add, but this sums up :P :
    "What if we were to return to Baldur's Gate together. What would people say, do you think?"
    An insanity that is well done, i wish they went deeper about NPC's in BG1.
    I believe his moonblade has some kind of sentinency and choose this elf just to screw some poster-boy/girl. Still outcome is even more fun :)
    Jan Jansen:
    Just add him any party and watch the fun. Also only useful thief in the game, and does his job with style.
    An interesting character with being a powehouse on ranged combat and an accomplished thief. Can solo BG1...

  • RajickRajick Member Posts: 207
    I love jan janson. he is the funniest npc in both games. my favorite thing about him is how he tants people and although long winded his stories are funny as hell.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,148
    elminster said:

    Jan Jansen of course.

    This whole discussion about peoples favourite character reminds me of Uncle Graveltoes. He may have lacked the resourcefulness of Uncle Tookar and the ingenuity of Uncle Scratchy and yet he was always very determined. After all, you don't go from being the 4th largest turnip trader on the Sword Coast to being the 1st without at least some form of effort.

    Now of course he had help from the vegetable riot of 1360DR. At that point all his competition was simply too afraid to return to the vegetable peddling business. Most fled for their lives lest they find themselves trapped in an alleyway against one of the streets many broccoli gangs.

    As mean as they were the broccoli gangs did keep the griffin population in check. Not directly mind you, that would be silly. No, they hired out carrot mercenaries for that. Faced against an army of pointed, well peeled sticks the Griffin's didn't have much choice in the matter.

    In fact neither did Graveltoes. As the largest turnip trader on the Sword Coast, and as a known peddler of turnip and broccoli soup, Graveltoes has a serious problem on his hands. In a region beset by gangs of broccoli how was he ever going to convince the regions carrot population to get a taste for turnip and broccoli soup? The answer of course was to add onions.

    Well, you know, in those times, I had ever told you that I met with Ao? Well, you see, he was, you know, well, I was, you know, it was back in the 03' when, well, I were a God, but just for one year, you see, they are, you know, well, very amusing.
    He is one of my favorite NPCs besides Keldy, Hairy D, and obviously, Neera, Viconia and Edwin(a).

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    Centeol's back story is something I'd really like to see expanded upon. Tanova as well, whose story is only really hinted about in the game.

  • IsandirIsandir Member Posts: 456
    If I have to pick one, I'll also throw in support for Keldorn. Paladins too often have the reputation for being one-dimensional, and I think the writers did an excellent job in showing how the class can be more complex. I particularly loved his personal story--which felt very grounded in real life--and thought that it was an excellent example of how the honor code of a paladin can fall on the good rather than lawful side. Add the witty banter with other party members, particularly Viconia (before the infamous duel), and you get a wonderfully fleshed-out character. He's wise without being overbearing, honorable without being rigid and clever without being arrogant.

    And in combat? The man is walking death for mages! I remember my jaw dropping the first time I used his innate abilities to dispel away every effect from a wizard's spells and casually dropped him in a few seconds. Pure giddiness followed...

  • rdarkenrdarken Member Posts: 660
    I'm not going to go into my own characters because that would take too long!

    In BG1, I liked Garrick and Ajantis. For Garrick, something about his unwavering positivity and sunny outlook on life. Ajantis, I liked how loyal he was (ever kick him out of the party? "But... I thought we were comrade, bound by honor. *sigh* Why must things be so difficult?"). Always thought there was a lot more to him that we never got to see.

    Anyway, in BG2 where there's a lot more character development, one of my favorites is Anomen. I know that's a wildly unpopular choice, but I think he is so well-written. When you first get him, he's just this arrogant ass. Then you meet his dad and you get some insight as to why he is so flawed. Over the course of the game, he grows (if he passes his test, anyway). This is especially evident if you have Keldorn in your party.

    Viconia is another great character. It's hard to choose between her and Anomen. I never really felt she was as evil as folks say she is. She really seems to be struggling to live a peaceful live above ground, and she's continually persecuted. As she feels herself getting close to CN during a romance, she lashes out and becomes a bit of a bitch. But, with patience, she softens up and you learn a lot about what makes her that way, similar to Anomen.

    I haven't finished a playthrough of BG2:EE, but I'm finding that I enjoy Neera a lot. I could not stand her in BG1, but her personality is really coming out in BG2.

  • ChanzyChanzy Member Posts: 3
    If i would pick someone, it would be Noober. The nicest of them all. I heard he got a twin in BG2 :)

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    I've not even finished my first bg2 playthrough, so I'll only be doing bg1.
    1. Xan. He's just, so awesome. I can relate, and he makes me laugh, but isn't completely ridiculous like Minsc and boo.(who are wonderful in there own way, of course) every time I get though nashkels mines, it takes some willpower not to take xan. Part of it is just he quality of the NPC, though. He has a lot of banter for bg1, and the voice acting is better than spectacular. I'm really sad he isn't in bg2.

    2. Khalid. He's unpopular, but I just really feel him, or something. I like his personality, and his dynamic with jaheria. (I was never particularly fond of her, though) his portrait is one of my favorites, and I think that my have some impact. People say he's not powerful as a fighter, but that's just wrong. He can reach mastery at the end of bg1, and has reasonable dex, an spectacular con.

    3. Edwin. Just, Edwin. The portrait, the personality, the ridiculous evilness, just, Edwin.

  • LaceLace Member Posts: 74
    @rdarken I liked Garrick too. He's got some of the greatest lines. "Brave, brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick led the way. Brave, brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick ran away." lol

  • GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 799
    Hmmmmmm...... Favorite NPC(s)? Good question. How about I do a round about thing?

    Viconia, Edwin/Edwina, Shar-Teel, Branwen, Minsc, Jan Jansen, Kivan, Kagain, Keldorn... Not sure about any BG1 NPCs Eldoth and later, and not sure about new BG2 NPCs beyond Hexxat and Dorn. Hexxat did not reach it since she didn't seem to have that many banters with NPCs on my playthrough(beyond Dorn wanting power).
    Dorn did not reach it as he seems 2 dimensional to me.

  • BaxyrattyBaxyratty Member Posts: 190
    Favote npcs? I have a bunch of them but i guess i can give a few of them

    Xzar and Montaron: I included these both as one because they kinda need each other to work, with Monty being the straight man and Xzar being the comic relief. I Always thought it was some Zhent commanders cruel joke to put them together, but after playing a whole game with them in my party i found i really liked them.

    Slythe and Krystin: Theres not much to say here other than they got my attention for just being comedic even as they are trying to brutally murder you in a brothel. don't believe me, pause the game when you run into them and right-click them and see if you don't chuckle a bit.

    Jan Jansen: One word, banters! Sure there are better mages and thieves out there, but Jan has some of the best banters in the game imo, even if they are heavy on the turnip side. And some mods even make him funnier such as the Nathaniel mod (which please, please, if you value your sanity at all don't play...unless your into a m/m relationship where 99% of the dialogue is either gay stereotypes or Nathaniel whining about how he misses his ex even though he was physically and emotionally battered. the dialogues with jan almost make up for all that but not quite.)

    Seravok: He is quite possibly one of my favorite main antagonists ever, right up there with Kain from the legacy of Kain games. Simply because after having to deal with so many villains who want to rule/destroy the world, i like seravok trying to manipulate people to help him ascend to godhood

    Jon Irenicus: Normally i'f look over this guy as a typical revenge seeking megalomaniac, but David Werner sells him. I swear if they had gotten anyone else to do his Voice he'd probably be overlooked but David just makes him seem all the more scary, detached and apathetic and it's glorious.

    Bodhi: Same as with Jon Irenicus, BJ Ward sells Bodhi. Also was interesting to see a vampire leading a guild instead of hanging out in a castle, or being your typical secretive noble type. I suspect they could have done a complete game about Irenicus and Bodhi and how the ended up where they did.

    Tiax: Lets not forget about Tiax...he rules over all.

  • bman86bman86 Member Posts: 115
    Viconia, especially when romancing her. The layers that come away, and the character development, really bring her to life.

    Jaheira is a close 2nd. Much for the same reasons.

    These 2 have definite character development and progress throughout the story/romance. I like both their classes too

  • My favorite is Xan. I actually played BG2 before BG1, simply because when BG1 came out I didn't have a computer of my own. A couple of years later I bought BG1, and my (now-ex) wife got interested and watched me play. She was so into it that she started playing too (which cut into my playtime, but worth it!) and I kept hearing her quote Xan because she thought he was hilarious. She eventually got me doing it, and eventually we started deliberately misquoting him and wound up with a bunch of inside jokes based on him. Even after we divorced, we still had those in common. When she moved on to BG2, I spent hours figuring out how to make her Charname use Xan's sound set because she couldn't imagine playing the game without hearing him.

    He's my favorite because he reminds me of seeing someone playing their first RPG and discovering how engaging the characters can be.

  • RhaellaRhaella Member, Developer Posts: 178

    I fell in love with the Planescape setting before I even really knew what it was, when it was only Haer'dalis and his antiquated speech, his strange philosophy, the hints of something large and strange and impossible lurking beneath the character... retrospectively, I think he was a really neat hook into an even neater setting. Because I totally adore Planescape.

    I've always loved Viconia also. Keldorn, Jaheira, Anomen, and Nalia have all grown on me a lot in the years since, and Neera is definitely becoming a favorite as well.

  • enneractenneract Member Posts: 187
    edited December 2013
    Minsc. Accept no substitutes.

    Unless they are Jan.

    Even better, Minsc AND Jan!

  • GamingFreakGamingFreak Member Posts: 639
    edited December 2013
    Minsc is my favorite character by far for his interactions with just about everyone. The fact that his sheer way of speaking alone causes the Pirate King to get so upset is one of the best parts of the game.

    Minsc: "Your peg, A proper pirate has a peg, whether a leg, arm or… uh… some other expendable extremity. And a parrot."
    Desharik: "A parrot?"
    Minsc: "Certainly! As I have my Boo, so too must you have your parrot. Boo likes parrots. They could wrassel."
    Desharik: "I’ve seen enough. Congratulations, you are on your way to Spellhold. You are clearly a danger to the general community. By the gods. I think I’m stupider for talking to you. Stupider? More Stupid? Get them out of my sight, all of them! They may all have this disease of the mind."

    Honorable mention goes to Jaheira, who is both tough as nails and witty with a kind side to her.

    Jaheira: "You are interesting; in a 'what the hell is wrong with you' sort of way"

    EDIT: Second honorable mention goes to the Spectator, the most laid back Beholder in all of Faerun.

  • KurumiKurumi Member Posts: 520
    edited December 2013
    That's just such a tough question.. I really love so many of the characters in the BG series.. nevertheless I'd say Hexxat. I prefer characters that are based on a rare (for such a party) or special race (like Drow, Tiefling, etc.) and that also have memorable twists and turns in the story you experience together with them (Yoshimos betrayal or the Clara->Hexxat surprise for example) and/or if they have some kind of dark secret. These things really keep my interest and I want to know more and more about them. In addition I like lez characters and good VOs (could be an interesting accent, a seductive voice - such things). I really wish, that Beamdog will offer some NPC DLCs in the future.. ideally if they'd come along with new quests and additional (playable) races and kits, too. Ah yes.. and then there's that (CN) Tiefling Witch named Abigail whose failure to follow a certain planar proverb brought her into real trouble.. ;)

    Don't ever make a bet with a tiefling. - Planar proverb.

  • GazodGazod Member Posts: 35
    Perdue The Halfling. I wish he could become a playable character. Hes fearless and cheap. He also has the best line in the whole of the Baldurs Gate series.

    ''For 50 GP, the Gnoll can wipe its own arse.''

  • AristilliusAristillius Member Posts: 873
    Maybe Xan. Interesting class and interesting personality. Or Jaheira.

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