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DLTCEP 7.5c wrapper

NifftNifft Member Posts: 1,065
I got DLTCEP to work on my Mac, and it had one tricky bit -- the program can't handle a path to BGEE which originates outside the emulated MSWindows filesystem, so I had to trick it with a symlink. Other than that it's a straightforward install using Wineskin Winery and the newest Wine (1.5.23).

The Source:
This is where I found the executable wrapped (below). I don't see any license either allowing or prohibiting redistribution, but I'll happily take down the wrapper if I've done something that's not kosher.

The Wrapper:

Here's how to use it:
- Download the tgz file.
- Put the file in your home directory: /Users/yourname/DLTCEP-7.5c.tgz
- Open up, and type this:
cd ~
tar xzvf DLTCEP-7.5c.tgz

Done! At this point you should now have a file in your home directory:

As usual, this is released as it-works-for-me grade software, so it might destroy your home and insult your mother. Use at your own risk, and please let me know if it misbehaves.



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