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The Brick Throwing hammer!

Any1 can tell me the console code of this hammer somehow i lost it....and cant find it anywhere


  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,958
    Do you mean the Dwarven Thrower?


  • SpaceInvaderSpaceInvader Member Posts: 2,125
    No no, he means "The Brick +2"

    Typically, when wizards select items to magically enchant, they choose finely crafted weapons or suits of armor. The wild mage Reginald selected a pole with a brick attached to the end. While effective, it is not aesthetically pleasing.

    In addition to radiating an aura of wild magic, when hurled at an enemy, the Brick will magically return to the thrower. Being struck by the Brick disrupts whatever spell was being cast at the time.

    "Nobody beats the Brick!"


    Equipped abilities:
    – Aura of Wild Magic: 10% chance that a spell cast within 10 ft. of the wielder (by friend or foe alike) will be affected by a wild surge

    Combat Abilities:
    – Returns to the wielder's hand when thrown
    – Target must save vs. Spells or take 1d12 magical damage and suffer 100% spellcasting failure for the next round

    THAC0: +2
    Damage: 1d4+3
    Damage type (melee): Crushing
    Damage type (thrown): Missile
    Speed Factor: 2
    Proficiency Type: War Hammer
    Type: One-handed
    9 Strength

    Weight: 4

    The code is OHNHAMM1.

  • enqenqenqenq Member Posts: 497
    A comma is the difference between a throwing hammer called the brick and a hammer that throws bricks :)

  • SkaffenSkaffen Member Posts: 709
    enqenq said:

    A comma is the difference between a throwing hammer called the brick and a hammer that throws bricks :)

    Yes, and halflings will get +1 to hit with throwing the bricks! :)

    On a serious note, I recently almost died against clay golems in the sphere because I had kept the dwarven thrower for Korgan as his blunt weapon but it seems it counts as missile even in melee... ouch!

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