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The [Mage-Killer-Challenge]


After I have seen a Solo-Game of a Monk in BG2, I realized how game breaking wands, protection spells and potions are. So how about the other way around?

I propose a challenge where items and scrolls cannot be used! The ideal model here would be the Fighter Kit "Mage Killer". The specifications are here:

- You are not allowed to use items that are also forbidden for the Mage Killer
1) No potions, no wands, no scrolls, Your "items cast" slot is basically tabu.
2) No amulets, no helmet, no braclets etc.
2) You are only allowed to use magical weapon and armor

- Whatever your party will be, they have the same restrictions as your main character.

- No mage and sorcerer are allowed in team

- Clerics and druids are allowed

- You can choose any class for you main character except mages, sorcerers.


  • WanderonWanderon Member Posts: 1,418
    I'd make this a no reload run - then it will be over quickly and you can move on to something else...LOL

    Seriously no healing potions would mean the fighter kit mage killer (I'm guessing this is wizard slayer) would want to load up his party with healers - if no mages are allowed that would be Jahiera, Cernd, Anomen and Viconia and I suspect you could get them all to work together - if a wizard slayer was not required I'd be tempted to bring a ranger-cleric for PC and with 5 priest types it shouldn't be too difficult.

  • LJingLJing Member Posts: 16
    Of course no-reload would make it more spicy. I am looking forward to see your first run :)

  • WanderonWanderon Member Posts: 1,418
    edited January 2014
    Ok I couldn't resist giving this a shot altho I'm not expecting it to go very far.

    Mauktuk Magekiller M- CN- Half-orc Wizard Slayer
    19/18/19/11/11/8 Two handed sword***** THWS*

    Dungeon B Gone out of Irenicus B&B - picking up Jahiera, Minsc, & Yoshi (dropping Imoen at the start). Sold all the items we cannot use bought a couple weapons and ammo.
    Cleared Circus tent - entered Slums - spoke to Gaelan, Fought in ring at CC & picked up Anomen,

    Immediately went to Gov't district - paid our magic tax (with all the extra gold from selling those items we can't use) and picked up Viconia completing the party.

    Back to CC - grabbed Lilacor and freed Hendak - slavers compound is next.

    No real issues so far - may need to trade out Yoshi for Hexxat if we get close to going to Spellhold (doubtful) and if we do that we will probably replace Minsc with Korgan - may do that anyway as soon as we feel confident about doing Korgans quest.

    Just an aside but you didn't mention bards along with mages and sorcerers but I assumed they were not allowed either for PC or companions.

    Playing No reload - normal difficulty - BG2EE - Dungeon B Gone is the only mod installed,

  • WanderonWanderon Member Posts: 1,418
    Well Mauktuk is moving along without any issues so far. Took down the slavers, headed for Nalia's keep - got sidetracked by Harper quests - (poisoned man, Xzar & Galvaney) - cured Jahieras curse - taking on the mages and Ployer together without Jahieras best mage killer spells - having love talks with Viccy and now trying to figure out the best stuff to buy with the 40K in gold we have gathered already selling all the stuff we can't use.

    Mauktuk is wielding Lilacor, (Thac0 3), Minsc has chaos sword, everyone else has +1 melee and at least +1 ranged, just bought reflection shield for Jahiera - looking at some other armor pieces too - may as well spend it we will be getting more gold by the barrel selling all the stuff we can't use.

  • WanderonWanderon Member Posts: 1,418
    Mauktuk RIP...

    He lasted to Nalia's Keep where he fell to the usual no-reload culprit - gamer overconfidence - LOL.

    We were near the end of Nalia's keep tearing up everything we encountered - not a single death yet and then we went after the golem loot - sent Yoshi in shadows but couldn't recall which item was where - really only wanted the last flail head - which of course was in the last one he opened - could have run out with just the stuff in the first - took down the golems then went back for more but woke them all at once and then we got into trouble!

    (no healing potions allowed and it takes time and no interuptions for the heal spells -which is difficult when you are up to your patootie in golems.)

    Yoshi never made it out of the golem hall the rest of us ran downstairs when we started bleeding out and took down the two that followed us - then healed up and went back for more - our marching order got all skewed when we arrived upstairs again and it was just a mass of bodies and golems with almost no maneuvering possible - we ran downstairs again and the stone golem (near death) and clay golem (uninjured) followed - Mauktuk moved away from the battlezone so Viccy and Jahs could heal him some but spells were getting low and he went back to the fray and died before the clay golem went down.

    Not having use of the items or extra armor slots was less problematic than I expected and had I not got overconfident I might have progressed quite a bit further. Fun times in any event and has me thinking about some other kinds of no item use magekiller playing options - altho I suspect I will allow healing potions! ;-)

  • LJingLJing Member Posts: 16
    edited January 2014
    Actually it made me quite sad reading that Mauktuk is dead. Your fight with the golem had a dramatic touch that somehow moves me. Still it was interesting to read.

    I guess Bards are also not allowed unless one can play with them without casting mage spells.
    And of course healing potions would be nice, but I think thats one of the tricky parts that makes the challenge more challenging.

    Thumbs up for your first run :)

    Edit: Actually Bards and Thief/Mages are allowed, if they wear armors that deactivates mage spells!

  • WanderonWanderon Member Posts: 1,418
    Making bards and T/M available if they stay armored would be a nice option - then you could use Jan or Hairy Dallas - should probably apply to C/M as well. ;-)

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