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who I should kill for lots of XP?

oki i play solo blackgouard with xp remover so i want bust him 1,2 mln XP more or less to do so i must kill inesant:D he is a baad boy;) please help me find me those how give best XP(at least 2000 xp). for now i kill
Drizzt 12000 XP
Firebead Elvanhair 2700 XP (at start;)
driad after ogre kill 5000 xp at seaside
crazy mage 2000 xp seaside with ship
i plan to kill
all in temple of beregost 13000 XP
guy who will talk to as in chapter 6 in cendelkeep 10000 xp
and i don't now who els? need your advice
on solo run i can't kill shandalar he is to power full and escape when use all spell;)



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