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Yoshimo, the unseen (disappeared)!

ShareazuShareazu Member Posts: 51
edited January 2014 in Not An Issue
Dearest ones,

After many, many playthroughs, i have decided to team up with bodhi, instead of the shadow thieves... I had Yoshimo in my group, but i decided to remove him temporarily.... He then said his usual line, saying that he'd return to the copper coronet and all... HOWEVER, after i returned to the most coppery of coronets, Yoshimo was nowhere to be found!

Using Google®, i have learned the some people had the same problem (Link: ) ...Since i've never sided with Bodhi before this game, i don't know if thats a bug, or if it is something intentional.

So... was that supposed to happen? is Yoshimba really supposed to disappear after you side with Bodhi? or was it a bug? i know this part of the forum is supposed to help with un-modded games, and this particular bug MIGHT have been caused by one or more mods, buuut i guess there's no harm to ask.

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