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Come one, come all, to Kalesra's House of Fortune!

KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234
edited February 2014 in Role Playing
It is a bright, crisp morning on Waukeen's Promenade. A clash of sounds dances through the air: the strident cries of hawkers, the clatter of merchants unloading their wares, the steady clip of hooves on the cobbled streets. One particularly loud voice echoes from the center of the Promenade.

"Come one, come all, to Kalesra's House of Fortune!"

The building that the hawker is posted in front of was abandoned and in disrepair just a day ago. Now, the battered wooden door has been repaired and painted brightly with an intricate scene of the heavens and the dilapidated facade appears to be brand new. Cheerful music spills into the street.

Curious, you approach the door. The hawker throws the door open with a grin.

"May Tymora smile upon you!" he winks as you pass into the welcoming interior.

The geometry of the building is impossible. You stand shocked for a moment as you realize that the inside of Kalesra's House of Fortune could fit the entire Promenade. Colorful tents stand between graceful ivory pillars that stretch up, up into an impossibly high ceiling. You see an arena of some sort up ahead, ringed by a roaring crowd that screams and cheers as a small company of dwarven warriors battle a pack of drooling wargs. Illusion? It wouldn't be the first time...


You turn. A tall woman stands before you, cloaked in silver robes that drift about a pair of soft leather boots. Her hair is wild and tangled, her eyes the same amber as the luminous brooch at her shoulder. She is smiling.
"I suppose you're wondering what sort of illusion you've walked into," she says. "I suppose I should tell you that it's no illusion. We are in a pocket plane--the door is a gate between here and the Prime. Wonderful, no?"
Before you can respond, she continues.

"I suppose you're also wondering whether I mean you harm. I assure you, you're quite safe here. This place is for the enjoyment of all who enter. Of course, I offer plenty of opportunities for you to put yourself in harm's way, but that's a different story. Please feel free to come and go as you please."

She gestures toward an elf with bright blue hair, who is clad in a red uniform with two rows of smart buttons marching up its front.

"Any of my fine employees can explain our offerings to you," Kalesra tells you. You open your mouth to respond, but in the time it's taken you to glance at the elf Kalesra pointed at, she's disappeared. Your pockets feel suddenly heavier. You reach in your hand and draw out a silver coin that was not there before. The number "10" is etched on the front.

General rules:

In Kalesra's House of Fortune, you may play games of chance and compete in the arena. To play a game of chance, you wager credits. You can play against the house, or against another person (who must match your wager to play with you). I determine the outcome by rolling dice (or using the WotC Deck of Many Things generator). I know, I could cheat, but I promise I won't ;). Feel free to use the details about the games to roleplay the outcome.

The Arena is where you fight monsters or one another to get more credits to spend. That is outlined in more detail later. Long story short: the arena battles are settled purely by roleplaying.

Credits can be traded in for magical items. This is also explained in more detail later.


Everyone receives 10 credits upon entering the House of Fortune. Credits cannot be purchased or traded with others, but you can obtain more by fighting in the arena.

You may spend 100 credits to get a random magical item (which I'll pick for you using the AD&D 2E magical item table). For an extra 100 credits you may specify a subcategory of items (e.g., magical weapons, scrolls, rings). Silly BG-themed trinkets are also available for 20 credits...I'll basically just make these up as I go. :P

Games of Chance:

Toss the Dagger: Two daggers are thrown upward simultaneously by a blindfolded woman--you have to guess whether one, both, or none of them will land point-down.

Traitor's Heads: Five dice are cast from a skull onto another skull in the middle of a cloak. Dice which don't hit the skull, or which roll off of the cloak must be re-rolled. The aim is to get a certain exact total (which can vary from game to game), and players roll until someone reaches that total. If you roll multiples you may reroll ALL of the matching dice.

Swords and Shields: A card game where one player tries to find the king in another player's tableau of 20 cards by turning cards over (I won't explain the rules in detail here unless someone is really curious)

The Deck of Many Things: Pretty straightforward. Each player draws from the deck and deals with the consequences (which can be beneficial or dire). The player with the highest-ranked card wins.

Anything else you can think of--just describe it to me and you can play it.

The Arena:

You may either challenge another player or tell me what sort of monster or NPC you want to fight. You get 10 credits per HD of the monster or level of the NPC that you defeat. If you play against a fellow player, you must agree upon an amount to wager. The fights are purely determined through roleplay. I will RP monsters and NPCs. I won't roll dice or anything else like that, but t's probably more fun if you're somewhat reasonable. Going into the arena and fighting 50 red dragons which you destroy by sneezing on them mightily is probably overkill. I would request that you start with wimpier monsters and work your way up to more powerful ones, and that you occasionally allow yourself to be defeated. Another important note: NO "KILLING" OTHER PLAYERS. It's absolutely forbidden and will get you kicked out of the establishment.

So...ready to see if Tymora smiles upon you?


Credits: 22, Games won: 3/3, Fights won: 0/0

Credits: 10, Games won: 0/0, Fights won: 0/0

Credits: 130, Games won: 0/0, Fights won: 1/1

Credits: 10 normal, unlimited cursed, Games won: 3/5, Fights won: 0/0

Credits: 10, Games won: 0/0, Fights won: 0/0

Credits: 10, Games won: 0/0, Fights won: 0/0

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  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    Decane began to think she'd wandered into the wrong tent.

    All she really wanted to do was find some place safe to play her violin. Most of the inns liked to charge a "performance fee" and the streets were ridden with thieves and muggers that loved to snatch her well-earned tips from under her nose. Typical Athkatla, the City of Gilded Coin. What else was a starving musician supposed to do?

    But, while she's here, she may as well help herself to some of the entertainment. Decane glanced around the games, scanning their every detail carefully. She spotted the Swords and Shields booth and headed towards it. She's won her fair share of card games in the past...and lost just as many. But, perhaps Lady Tymora could finally give the poor bard a break?

    ((TL;DR: I wanna play cards! :D))

  • KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234
    edited February 2014
    A handsome tiefling with a mane of waist-length black hair and a pair of tiny horns at each temple greets Decane ( @Nonnahswriter ) as she approaches the table. His smart red uniform marks him as a member of Kalesra's staff. He shuffles a deck of cards from hand to hand in wide arcs, a wry smile on his lips.

    "Good day to you!" he calls out. "And a fine day it is indeed, for if I'm not mistaken I believe Tymora's grace favors you on this lovely morning! Is it to be a game of cards?"

    He draws his hands apart and the cards cascade from his fingertips and arrange themselves in four perfect rows of five on the table in front of him. Their backs are gilded, embossed with designs that resemble a maze of twining leaves.

    "Here, you must search for my king. Each time you seek and fail to find him, you forfeit points to me."

    He places his empty hand palm-down on the table. When he lifts it, another card has materialized.

    "This is your shield. You may glance at it, but I may not. When you find this card within my pretty labyrinth, you gain points. If you dally too long in finding my king, I have won. If you discover him quickly enough, the game is yours. So? What say you? Merely tell me how much you wish to wager and we can begin!"

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    edited February 2014
    A well dressed bard enters this fine establishment

    Ergo the Entertainer thinks to himself hmmm... this looks like the ideal place to find work. Coin exchanging hands, fine music and of course many a lovely lass. Only one thing missing

    He approaches one of the hostesses (the loveliest one, of course)

    "Is Madame Kalesra about? I was wondering if she was interested in adding some live entertainment to this lovely lair of leisure. I hear there is quite the amusing, amicable artist looking for work entertaining your pleasant paying patrons"

  • KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234
    The hostess smiles radiantly at Ergo ( @booinyoureyes ). She is a slender elven woman with tanned skin, warm brown hair, and sparkling eyes the color of champaign. A delicate golden pin in the shape of a lute perches on the collar of her uniform. Ergo notices that she's unbuttoned her jacket, revealing a loose, low-cut silk tunic that hugs her body.

    "My lady Kalesra is unfortunately unavailable at the moment," she says apologetically. She seems genuinely sad to break this news. Her full lips draw into a half-pout. Then something seems to occur to her and her brilliant smile returns. "Fortunately, I think I can help you. I am Anais, and I am in charge of the entertainment staff."

    Anais eyes Ergo up and down, squinting thoughtfully.

    "Are you any good?" she demands. "Play us something!"

  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    Decane felt for the silver coin in her pocket and squinted at the 10 engraved in its metal. Only ten credits. Decane's luck for drawing cards was not unlike the muse, always a fickle spirit that came and went whenever and wherever it so pleased. Best to bet low for now, not get too ahead of herself.

    "Erm... I wager three credits?" she said. Then she fiddled with the coin, as if to break it in half. Of course, the silver would not so easily comply with her wimpy arms. "Um, can I do that?"

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    edited February 2014
    The usually unflappable bard pauses for a moment, taken aback by the alluring sight before him. Once he recovers his senses gives his most radiant smile.

    "Certainly, love. Allow me to fetch my trusty assistant, Lurica"

    Ergo pauses dramatically I must not be distracted by this delightful damsel he thinks to himself

    He gives three claps of his hands and speaks aloud for all the crowd to hear "to me, my Lurica. We have guests to entertain!"

    The crowd falls silent for a moment, looking around for the entrance of this "Lurica". Suddenly, as if out of thin air, a lean mahogany colored lute appears in his hands. Some of the crowd gasp in awe, while others stare on unimpressed with the gimmick.

    "ahem... Generous Gents and Lively Ladies, Ergo the Entertainer gives you the honest honor to be the first and finest fans to hear his newest number. I present to you, "She Stole My Heart in the House of Fortune"..."

    He begins to strum a soft melody upon his lute

    I’ve been to Calimshan,
    I’ve seen the ruins of Netheril,
    I’ve traveled the Rashemi tundra,
    And even further still.
    I’ve played for Alustriel,
    The majestic lady of silver,
    I’ve met Queen Elliseme,
    Who’s visage makes all men shiver.
    I met matron mothers,
    The most striking of all Drow,
    I’ve heard Olav Ruskettle play,
    A song to both soothe and wow.
    Yet none compare to a lady,
    I met whilst touring a pocket plane,
    A woman of pure elegance,
    Beautiful, yet never vain.
    The only magnetic maiden,
    Who I long to please,
    Is the champagne-eyed beauty,
    The graceful Anais.


    Ergo then pauses for effect, holds his arms outstretched, and bows before the crowd.

    I hope they enjoyed my performance he secretly frets as he awaits the audience's response.

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    edited February 2014

    Hmmm... an interesting concept, but my main Charname is far too OP for this, and his participation is likely to draw the intervention of the ... POWERGAMERS ... Besides, he needs to stand guard over the forum with Bantana and Celestial Ban at the ready, ready to smite spam-bots and other evil-doers.

    So, Sima Jin sends his younger brother, Kang, the hot-headed young sorcerer, who thinks he is more powerful than he really is, to investigate the strange new attraction in the Promenade, lest it turns out to be another circus-tent fiasco... That was a difficult to one to explain to his superiors...

    Kang strolls into Kalesra's House of Fortune.
    "By Mystra! What manner of magic is this?!"
    His face one of shock and confusion. Noticing the apparently calm of other revellers, and catching the end of Ergo's performance, Kang quickly regains his composure.

    "Ah, I see, a pocket plane, yes... not an illusion like that damned gnome's creation... I knew that. I could create one myself. If wanted to. Of course. Yes..."
    Kang said, as convincingly as possible, even though nobody was really paying him any attention.

    "I come on behalf of the Athkatla tax and magical law enforcement authorities! What manner of business is going on here?!"
    He demands, his voice raised to draw the attention of whomever was in a position of responsibility.
    "I am super-important! Do not keep me waiting!"

    Yes, Kang is a bit of a douche, as the other players in my multiplayer group can attest to.

  • KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234
    The tiefling seems mildly amused. He reaches out and takes the small silver coin from Decane's ( @Nonnahswriter) hand. In a swift, fluid motion he rubs his palms together, and a shower of tiny copper coins embossed with the number "1" scatters across the table. He counts seven of them and gives them back to Decane.

    "Three credits. Very well then! A modest wager. We shall see whether your caution is warranted."

    The game begins. At first, the tiefling seems to have the upper hand. Decane turns over card after card, until only six remain.

    "Of these six," the tiefling reminds her, "one is your shield and one is my king. If you turn over neither in the next two rounds, you have lost."

    "Hmmm...." he murmurs a while later as Decane points hesitantly to a card. "Are you sure?" He arches a brow, but she seems resolute. He turns over the card.

    "The king!" the tiefling exclaims. "You have found it, my dear lady! It seems that luck was with you!"

    He opens his fist to reveal six copper coins.

    "Three I return to you, and three more are your prize. Well done!"

    (OOC: I used a 10 sided die to decide the outcome. @Nonnahswriter got 10 and the house got 4).

  • KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234
    edited February 2014
    Anais claps delightedly as Ergo ( @booinyoureyes ) finishes his song, which draws hearty applause from the audience as well.

    "You just might do!" she exclaims. "I suppose I should explain the particulars. Our entertainers my work with us either as free agents or as employees of our establishment. In the former case, you receive no commission from us but you have the right to play and receive tips from our patrons. It may not seem like much, but they are rather generous if you perform well. The other option is to come on board as staff. But...." she hesitates, playing nervously with her brooch.

    "But there is one...small matter," she continues. "My lady only takes on those who are skilled in spellcraft or the martial arts, in addition to whatever other talents they might possess. Some of our patrons from beyond the Prime have been known to get a little....hmmm....rowdy. We can't afford the liability of an employee who is unable to defend himself. Step into the arena and show me what you can do, and you're hired on a permanent basis. If you come out in one piece, that is. So, what will it be?"

  • KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234
    "Oh, look here. It's someone super important!"

    The voice comes from directly behind Kang ( @Heindrich ), so close that he can barely turn to see who has spoken without tripping over his own feet.

    Kalesra bows in an exaggerated fashion.

    "A pleasure to meet you, I'm sure. It's always lovely to do business with the fine folk of the Athkatla magic and tax authority. I'm a bit confused as to why you've barged in here making demands, however."

    The corners of her mouth twist into a wicked smile.

    "You see, my dear fellow, I am afraid you're out of your jurisdiction. I would be terribly interested in what you had to say were we actually in Athkatla, but we are not. In fact, we are not even in the same plane of existence as Athkatla! I obtained permission from that silly Corniel fellow to put a...hmm....very special door in this lovely building, but I'm afraid once you've stepped through said door you no longer have any authority."

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    edited February 2014
    "My lady, I usually find combat a bit... unseemly, and my talents lie in... other areas. However, if that is what it takes to get to know you, that is, to become an employee of this fine establishment, I would confidently accept this compelling challenge. I assure you I am a courageous, competent combatant, able to face down even the most devious of dangerous dastardly delinquents.

    However, I doubt that your employer, the informed and insightful intellect that she must be, seeks only to add those with a vociferous veracity for violence to her roster. I have a different profitable proposal to present to the excellent executive of this esteemed establishment.

    I know that a place such as this attracts some fairly wealthy regulars. Many a lord and lady must come with full pockets, and often have their minds on all the available leisurely activity, diverting their attention from guarding against the usual assortment of nifty, nefarious ne'er-do-wells that seek to prey upon the honestly-acquired profit of others. A venture as fine as this must have a plethora of perfidious perpetrators working the clientele.

    I have recent experience bringing such scoundrels to justice in the Docks District of Athkatla, as I am sure you heard about in my last hit "Pickpocket My Heart" (hmmm... I wonder where Anishai is now...). I assure you I have an excellent eye for roguery that is unequaled in all the realms. So Madame Kalesra need look no farther than Ergo the Entertainer should she desire a man to spot these mischievous, misbehaving miscreants!"

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    edited February 2014
    Kang is both pleased to have gained Lady Kalesra's personal attention, as is proper, of course, and rather annoyed at being out-witted by her. He struggles momentarily to determine his next response...

    "Good point my Ladyship, an easy oversight on my part."
    He returns Kalsera's bow, unaware of her sarcasm in her exaggerated display of respect.
    "But I remind you to keep whatever is supposed to stay in here... in here. We would not look kindly on extra-planar magical creatures running amok in Waukeen's Promenade, which is a strictly magic-free public space... after what happened with that elven mage... and the shadow thieves... and the Bhaalspawn... explosions... bad times..." His voice trails off...

    He overhears the exchange between Ergo and Anais.

    "Oh? Is that a duelling ring?! Bah... what can a bard do in battle! What a laughable concept! It has been a good while since I've had a chance to practise my magic in a real battle. Nobody in the city would dare to challenge a mighty sorcerer like myself! Not to mention my Bantana wielding brother! Ha!"
    Kang's eyes light up in excitement. A chance to finally prove himself. Demonstrate his powers without the nagging warnings of his brother about the dangers of uncontrolled magic. What does he know? He who has to read books to understand the simple principles of the Weave?!
    "Bring me a worthy challenger!"


    You ninja'd me, but what I wrote fits exactly with your response anyway. XD

  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    "Ooh, yay!" Decane clapped her hands as she gathered her winnings. This was good. One win, modest earnings, but it looked like her luck was starting to change. At least a little bit. Oh please oh please oh please let the Muse be with her this time around...!

    "I'd like to play again. I'll bet four this time!"

  • KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234

    Meanwhile, as Ergo ( @booinyoureyes ) is deep in discussion with Anais...

    A slip of a man clad from head to toe in black slinks through the door of the gambling house. He clasps the hand of the doorman with a grip as cool and smooth as early evening moonlight, and a satisfying clink echoes in his pocket as he quickly strides away. He grins to himself, humming an off-key tune. His eyes flit over the crowd.

    "My, my, my, Kellem," he murmurs beneath his breath as his eyes settle on a mark. "Looks like your luck is about to turn."

    It's all he can do to conceal a gleeful chuckle as he makes his way toward a fresh-faced young nobleman clad in hideously gaudy silks.

    Had anyone been looking at him at just that moment, it would have seemed that Kellem simply melted into the shadows behind one of the towering pillars and was no more.

    Anais considers Ergo's proposal for a moment. Something catches her eye, and she looks briefly toward one of the marble columns by the entrance with a small frown. Ergo eventually follows her gaze, but by the time he has managed to look away from her rather interesting...b-brooch...he's unable to detect anything of notice.

    "What a positively prescient proposal, my dear bard," Anais smiles. "It seems one of these unsavory lot you have mentioned may be skulking about even as we speak. If you can find him, and bring him to me in one piece (and I doubt he will come without a struggle), you're hired!"

  • KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234
    "A worthy challenger?" Kalesra's voice holds a hint of mock surprise. "I'm not sure if we have any challengers who would be a match for your prodigious abilities. But perhaps my fight coordinator can set something up that will be to your satisfaction. Nasreen!"

    "Yes, my lady?"

    The creature who approaches them is like nothing Kang ( @Heindrich ) has ever seen. She stands nearly a head taller than most men, and her dark skin seems to shimmer and glisten like liquid metal. The strands of her hair appear to be made of pure silver and her eyes are the blue of topaz and entirely devoid of pupils. She is beautiful, in an unearthly way, but oddly unsettling to look at. Not least of all because Kang must bend his neck almost in half to meet those strange, luminous eyes. Unlike the other employees, the fight coordinator is clad in splendid plate armor and wears a two-handed sword which is nearly as tall as Kang.

    "Please take our honored guest through the current offerings at the arena," Kalesra requests. "I have pressing business to attend to, Master Kang, but I wish you a pleasant stay and an abundance of luck."

    She sweeps off, her robes rustling behind her. The Aasimar (if that is indeed what the creature is) gazes appraisingly at Kang.

    "So, a sorcerer, eh? What do we have that might interest you. Perhaps a black Abishai? They're brutish but clever, and they have a bit of magic at their command. Or if you're feeling a little more suicidal, we've freshly acquired an Illithid. Nasty, nasty creatures. They can paralyze you with a thought and suck the brains right out of your skull. But maybe you would be more interested in battling a fellow spellcaster? An elven necromancer is currently looking for a fight."

    I'm not sure how powerful your character is supposed to be. The Abishai is a 4 HD monster which can fly, poison, and use change self, command, pyrotechnics, and scare once per round. The Illithid is probably a little much...but again I don't know what level you are so it might be appropriate. The necromancer would be whatever level your character is supposed to be. You can also demand something even more powerful if you plan on losing--your character will be healed/resurrected if the duel goes badly.

  • KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234
    "Another round! Excellent!"

    With a flourish, the tiefling arranges the cards again. This time, he places the tableau in front of Decane ( @Nonnahswriter ) and takes a single card for himself.

    "Now I must find your King," he explains.

    The tiefling draws and draws, staring thoughtfully at the board each time he makes a choice, as if he could peer right through the cards. Finally, only five cards remain. The tiefling draws.

    "Ah!" he exclaims. "A queen! I believe you have won again!"

    He presents Decane with another small handful of coins.

    "Seems you're having a winning streak, my lady!"

    This time I rolled a 9 for you and an 8 for the house. By the way, the mechanics of this game are much more complicated than what I've presented...they must be, because otherwise the person searching for the king would win most of the time (you only lose when you've looked through 3/4ths of the cards without uncovering the king). I believe it's actually possible to find the king in time and still lose money. But...oh well.)

  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    A winning streak. Dangerous words for a starving minstrel, especially one who enjoys shiny coins. Decane's suffered a bit of a "wandering-hand" syndrome in the past, pilfering strangers who were rude to her on a first impression. Usually nobles, who were usually rude. Usually.

    She weighed the coins in her hands. Her instincts were telling her to drop now and not get too ahead of herself. Remember what happened at the last gambling tent? But there is a saying in the realms, something like "Third time's the charm." If the muse be kind to her, how could she possibly refuse a third bout?

    "Maaaybe just one more time..." Decane mumbled under her breath, and offered five coins this time.

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    *Anduin dashes in and glances around nervously... before slowly relaxing and muttering about the living fascists and there dislike for the walking dead... His mutterings are interrupted by an elf with blue hair handing him 10 silver credit coin and explaining the rules... Anduin regards the elf with mild annoyance before prodding him out the way with a bony, fleshless finger*

    I know how to gamble cretin...

    All or nothing on the blind dagger throwing lady!

    1 to land point down, 1 to land point up!

    *Gasps from the crowd can be heard, suddenly Anduin has two female flunkies, as if by magic, appear under each arm as he approaches the table the bets are laid out on, before the blindfolded lady.*

    Sorry Sir. Can you confirm you wish to bet all 10 credits on this bet?

    Yeah. You only live once! and I lived it a long time ago... Tell the lady to toss 'em high!

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,153
    *A floating cape with hood enters the stage via a Dimension Door spell, he stinks like Hell, literally...*
    ~Quasit voice~
    "Where in the Nine Heels have I left my spellbook?"
    "Oh, it's in this pocket! This cloaks with pockets... In my last centuries I've seem such strange things."

    *The Quasit flights towards the tiefling lady ( @Nonnahswriter ) after dropping his cloak in the ground and having his spellbook on his hands.*

    "Um, Hello!"
    "You're a bard, right? I'm like bard, but, much more plushier!"

    *He goes away and picks up his cloak to search for some food, he only finds an empty package of chips.*

    "Oow! Marta ate my chips again! I'm feeling hungry.. OOOW! What a cute chair!"
    "It's so, so made for me to sleep! I'll ask for how many coins I can rent it for a night."

    He goes towards Anais ( @Kalesra ) screaming...
    "Hi lady, where can pay to rent that chair"
    *Points towards a wood chair with a red cushion.*
    "And how much could it cost?"
    "Do you work here or I am annoying other people?"

  • KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234
    The tiefling takes Decane's ( @Nonnahswriter ) coin and lays the cards again.

    "Fortune favors the bold, they say!" he beams. "Let us see if that holds true!"

    It is Decane's turn to search for the king. The match does not last long. On the third try, she turns over the correct card. The tiefling gazes at her with astonishment.

    "Well, I daresay my lady, Tymora favors you indeed! Your third win in a row! Here is a pretty silver coin for you."

    With a wink, he presses a 10 credit coin into her hand.

    You're having quite a winning streak! You got another 9 and the house got a 5. I wonder how long your luck will last. ;)

  • KalesraKalesra Member Posts: 234
    The employees of Kalesra's House of Fortune seem remarkably unfazed by the presence of a slowly disintegrating walking corpse in their midst, but the other patrons at the betting table give @Anduin uneasy glances. A young lady with an impressive tower of intricately adorned hair and a powdered face jerks out of the way as one of the mummy's buxom friends accidentally jostles her arm. With a perturbed "Well, I say!", she stalks off, fanning herself vigorously.

    The blindfolded lady enters the knife-throwing arena, juggling two daggers with easy dexterity. The floor of the area is covered in sand and an array of objects hangs above the woman's head: pots and pans, pieces of armor, bits of stone. She spins the daggers deftly around her thumb and then casts them high into the air. With a clatter, both daggers strike something solid. The lady twirls aside as they land with a soft thud.

    The patrons at the betting table peer over the barrier to see where the daggers have landed. A mix of cheers and groans is heard, and @Anduin sees that the daggers have landed precisely as he predicted--one point-first, the other hilt-first. The employee at the betting table hands him back two silver 10-credit coins--the one that he had wagered, and his reward.

    "Well played!" the employee congratulates him. "May your luck continue!"

    This is the 4th game in a row that a player has guys are really lucky! I rolled a 4 for @Anduin and a 1 for the house.

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    edited February 2014
    *Anduin is congratulated all round...*

    You see, it was obvious... I will break down the chances as so...

    *Anduin starts drawing arcane symbols in the air...*

    A 0 equals a dagger landing upright. A 1 equals a dagger landing point first.

    Here are the possible outcomes...

    0 0
    1 0
    0 1
    1 1

    As you can see the chances of one dagger landing upright and one landing point first is double that of the other possible outcomes!

    Of course... hehe... If it was settled by a mystical role of the dice... I wouldn't have gambled so recklessly!

    *Anduin gets a few more slaps on the back before he bumps into the blue haired elf giving him a very stern look.*

    You would be surprised... Care to do that again?

    Errr... No.

    Ummm... Wouldn't want to upset anyone... *Anduin stumbles over to the traitors head table.*

    10 credits on rolling the sum of 15 please...

    *Anduin starts looking around suspiciously... Many suspicious eyes look back...*

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    "I have not seen this man before, no," Anais tells Ergo ( @booinyoureyes ) apologetically. "But the thieves who find their way here to engage in petty larceny are all the same."

    A look of disdain creeps across her face as she scans the busy gambling hall.

    "He's good--did you see how he melts in and out of the shadows in plain sight?--but I assure you he's lazy and too concerned about his hide to try anything risky. He came here looking for easy marks, and that's how you'll find him. He'll be preying on those who look rich and naive."

    She looks back at Ergo, seeming somewhat concerned.

    "Don't underestimate him though. He might not be looking for a fight, but if he gets backed into a corner I think he could be dangerous."

    Ergo is about to respond, when a voice reminiscent of nails scraping a chalkboard pierces the air.

    "Hi lady, where can pay to rent that chair?"

    A quasit ( @CrevsDaak ) hovers between Ergo and the hostess, one knobby finger quivering as it points violently at a small wooden chair with a red cushion.

    "And how much could it cost?" He continues shrilly. "Do you work here or I am annoying other people?"

    Anais arches a brow, regarding the creature with one part amusement and two parts irritation.

    "That was an awful lot of questions," she frowns. "Let me see if I can answer them all. Yes, I work here. Yes, you're probably annoying other people, seeing as you've managed to annoy me. As for the chair, it isn't for rent, but you're welcome to sit on it for as long as you'd like. I'm a bit busy at the moment, but feel free to avail yourself of my colleague if you need anything else."

    She points to a halfling woman in a red uniform who is carrying a tray of fruits and sandwiches in one hand and a tray of champaign flutes in the other.

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
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    "I said a worthy challenger! I guess that Necromancer will have to do. At least he should have some grasp of the arcane, so it shan't be totally pointless."

    Kang confidently steps towards the duelling pit, like a celebrated champion about to slay a monster terrorising the community. He is already imagining the applause and adulation he would be sure to receive. In fact he is surprised nobody is cheering him on already. Kang decides to make a show of it.

    The lovely Anais catches his eye, as she busied about dealing with Ergo's questions (@booinyoureyes). He conjures a sphere of energy that shimmered around him, and shifting fog that swirled around his legs. The magical bubble was only powerful enough to keep him dry in the rain, and the fog had no real function. But the important thing was that it looked impressive, and almost gave him the appearance of floating as he walked.

    "A champion needs a lady's blessings! If you would do me the honour fair Anais!"
    Kang summons a small bird, a robin in fact, with a tiny flower clutched in its beak. The robin flies towards Anais.
    "Mayhaps I could borrow your golden pin for good luck?"

    I always imagined that mages, but especially sorcerers, would use magic in their daily lives, because why not?

    I also imagine that sorcerers, being naturally attuned to the Weave, would be able to develop their own unique spells.

    Kang, being the vain type, would have developed simple cantrips just to show off and maintain his appearance, so something that would keep him dry in the rain would be ideal.

    I don't know AD&D that well, but I understand there are actually lv0 cantrips. So I imagine the above to be non-combat cantrips

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    *Starts dialog with Anais ( @Kalesra ).
    "Well, they've told me I'm annoying many times, being annoying was the reasons why I was kicked from the Abyss, I was sold as a slave to the Baatezu, and they've used me a Dissuasive Weapon, I was the Leader of the Main Dissuasive Attack of the Blood Wars, but then I payed for my freedom with a plastic Duck and a furred Lich Teeth I gained by using my dissuasive attack tactic."

    "Oh, thanks for the chair! I'll take a look for you have to eat later, I think that I had too much chips before coming, I think that it was I who ate those chips, not Marta..."

    *The Quasit flights towards the chair and acidentally hits it, making it fall to the ground.*

    "My bad, everything is getting fuzzier, Ox'Ym'Oron will go to sleep *yaaawn* in that chair."

    *Ox'Ym picks up the chair and lies down in it.*

    "This place seems safer, I'd rather sleep under my cloak and over the chair than inside a glass bottle like yesterd*yawn*aaay."

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    Ergo stops to ponder for a moment
    I would like to expose this thief, but to do so openly would make me look like a fool if he does not have stolen goods on his person at the time. Also, if I expose him alone he could disappear into the crowd. Even worse, he may hurt someone. How can can I find a way to expose him without putting innocents in danger?

    The thief in question is now eying up the gambling bard Decane ( @nonnahswriter ). His next mark is obvious... the distracted Bard has been winning quite frequently in the past three rounds or so, and is sure to have a good deal of coin ripe for the picking.

    If only I can find a way to make the whole crowd realize his guilt. He is sure to come peacefully when he sees the numbers against him. But how would I find a the proper distraction...

    Ergo eyes up the Quasit thoughtfully


    He turns to the adorable little demon ( @CrevsDaak )
    "Hey there my talkative little friend! I hear this important impressive imp is looking to rent a chair! Well, you are in luck, as I know a discerning eye when I see one. You see that fellow in the hood? Skulking around all creepy like? Why, he sells the sweetest samples of settees that you will ever see, with cushions as clean as an elven arse (and almost as supple)! He has the finest prices this side of Cormyr! Why don't you go ask him about his prices? He's right there, next to the grumpy looking bandaged gentleman

    I'm sure he'd be delighted to sell his product to a distinguished diminutive demon"

    This little fella is a perfect distraction, but I would hate to see him get hurt if things don't go as planned. I must ensure his safety... Ah, I have just the idea

    The bard walks across the room where two ladies are standing by a robed figure ( @heindrich )
    "Did I hear correctly? Is it true that a truly important figure has come to visit this fine establishment? A Tax collector from Amn no less! Must be one of Athkatla's finest men if they would send you to such an impressive location."

    Ergo notices the young sorcerer stand just a little straighter, and raise his chin just an inch.

    "Just my luck too! Kang, it was? I shall remember the name, since you are clearly destined for great deeds. Well, I have the perfect warm up for your match in the arena (not that one as clearly powerful as yourself needs it). You see that horrible hooded hoodlum in the corner there? Well, from what I hear, he has been selling black market goods under the table, without bothering with the bloated busybody bureaucrat barbarians of the Athkatla Authorities (his words, not mine, I assure you)."

    The young sorcerer looks upon the hooded man suspiciously, a determined look on his face.

    "In fact, he said that not a single man in the employ of the Athkatlan magical law enforcement authorities was man enough to bring him to justice! That if any were to challenge him in the arena, he would be routed robustly, routinely and rightly! Could you imagine that?"

    Ergo feigns a an exasperated expression, clearly offended that one would speak so lowly of fine officers of the law.

    "If only one was to put this rowdy, rascally rapscallion in his proper puny place..."

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    Wow Anais is getting a lot of attention. I think it's all because @Ergo mentioned that he approached the loveliest hostess. Though why that'd matter to a quasit? Not sure... lol

    Kang regards Ergo (@booinyoureyes) suspiciously, but accepts his praise unquestioningly. Of course it is only right and proper that an inferior citizen of Amn should address him with such proper respect and courtesy. However, the timing is inconvenient, and Kang's irritation flares, the bubble around him glows red for an instant, reflecting its master's mood, making Kang seem rather more menacing.

    "Do I look like a random Cowled Wizard? Such menial tasks are beneath one as important as myself! I am sure this establishment has a plenty capable security team if you prove incapable of apprehending him."

    Kang glances at the impressive Nasreen to imply the point, and then turns his attention back to Anais, as the robin flies gracefully around her, waiting for an out-stretched hand to land on.

    "So m'lady... How about a token for your brave champion?"

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
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    "hmmm... perhaps the scoundrels words have merit. Would a brave champion truly avoid a charlatan's cheeky challenge? I did not think that a splendidly spunky spellcaster such as yourself would shirk from a fight in the arena in order to face a weaker opponent. I thought you fearless."

    A wicked grin fills the bard's face
    "A shame really... would the lovely Anais really favor one who wields a shuriken that...shrivels and shrinks when shaken?"

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,153
    *after hearing Ergo's ( @booinyoureyes ) dialog he hastily replies*
    "Heya man, are you, Ergo, right? I wanted to say that I'm a Quasit! Not an Imp, Quasits a plushier than Imps, that makes them better."
    "I certainly don't have money to spend so I'm going to ask for prices just to look like prick."

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