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#7203 [CORE, DUPE] - Zone of Sweet Air don't cleans Incendiary Cloud

CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,081
edited February 2014 in Not An Issue
Incendiary Cloud is the Lich-Killer™, and with a mid/high level party makes a Lich spawn in Spellhold, after the Lich is dead Viconia casts Zone of Sweet Air to make the Incendiary Cloud disappear, well, it's GRAPHICALLY gone, but is wiped, raped and burned my party in basically 4 seconds (they were two stacked Incendiary Clouds cast by a Project Image of Neera) of walking in it to kill the mummies and skeleton warriors that were still alive.

if it's supposed for Zone of Sweet Air to leave Incendiary Cloud there, it should say that IT DOES NOT DO SO! and the animation of the cloud shouldn't be gone...image

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