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BUG? Morul never comes back

theleethelee Member Posts: 76
I seem to remember that if you kept Morul alive during the Mage stronghold quests, he would come back after you finish with Teos to craft potions for you.

I've definitely finished up with Teos, and have gone for many in-game days doing other stronghold quests, but have yet to see Morul appear in the planar sphere. Anyone?


  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,135
    Morul cames only if all of your apprentices survive. Has some of them died? Have you done ALL the quests in the sphere? Could you upload a saved game? Have you done any edits/have any mods?

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    If you are talking about one of the apprentices returning to you to craft potions for you this was working as of testing before the windows release.

    Morul should appear after you've completed all of the steps in the quest line including returning to Teos and reporting your success with the rune of imprisonment.

    Note, however, if I remember correctly this is a pretty picky quest. If you end up killing the guy you're supposed to imprison instead of getting him with the rune and/or you do anything other than what Teos wants, I believe Morul will fail to show up.

    ALSO I believe (and I could be wrong here) that you need to have saved all three of the apprentices when dealing with the apprentice tasks (none of them should have died due to you pushing them to make items beyond their capability) for Morul to want to come work for you.

    Can you post a saved game after the point where Morul is supposed to have shown up (he does so pretty quickly, have you rested after dealing with Teos a couple times)? We can check to see what the status flags are.

    @Troodon80, @Gate70: Either of you know off the top of your heads which status flag is supposed to be set for Morul to show up as your apprentice?

  • theleethelee Member Posts: 76
    A ha! I must've misremembered. I thought it was merely sufficient for Morul to be the surviving apprentice (hence I did Ring of Wizardry). I had forgotten *all* of them had to survive. This is a non-issue then.

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