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#7548 [HEXXAT] - *SPOILERS* Hexxat's Second Quest

powurzpowurz Member Posts: 28
edited February 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
These monks turn hostile at every turn. Also, I'm curious as to the difficulty of the enemies (particularly the Mind Flayers and Alhoon). I'm assuming that it triggers after a time limit, but does it trigger after a level limit as well? If so, if it is based off of Hexxat's level (assuming 12), her inflated level by virtue of being a single class thief makes the whole "one way trip" aspect possibly a trap for the unprepared. I'm fairly confident I can work my way through with my party, but somewhere between having my brain devoured and having my party members Quivering Palm-ed I'm finding this to be a struggle. I know the Umber Hulks can cause confusion and turn one against me, thus turning them all against me. But I'm having a hard time catching what the Mind Flayers are doing to cause it.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,135
    Um, I know that the fights are difficult, but it isn't worth a bug report.
    When I got to this I was level 13 overall, Hexxat was 15. I got killed several times before winning the one of the battles.
    @Illydth could you please move this to BG2:EE discussion? The monks turning hostile should be because you killed one of them or because you've opened the door at the south and you killed those monks and now everyone turned hostile.

  • powurzpowurz Member Posts: 28
    @CrevsDaak I would prefer to not be told I attacked one or opened the south door when I assure you I have not. I got through the fights, but only after countless reloading so that they were not turning hostile mid-fight and doubling what I had to contend with. The end result is that something, be it the Umber Hulks,the Mind Flayers, both, or something else, is capable of turning the monks against me. It even happened on attempts where the Umber Hulks died quickly enough that I didn't see any of their special attacks get off, which is why I'm curious about the Mind Flayers.

    Mine is not the only thread like this, I just didn't want to necro a three month old thread as I have just started playing BG2:EE and am unaware of what has or hasn't been patched in since release.

    Here are two examples.

    And my party was including a level 12 Hexxat and everyone else at closer to 9-11 depending on class, since I brought it up.

    I noticed that one way to ensure you don't have to fight the first group alongside the other creatures is merely to let them die to the creatures, or of course to fight them right off the bat, but I was trying to see if I could keep them alive to see through the fight.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,135
    Oh, yeah, the monks turn hostile because of that, well, sorry, I am often too quick, I thought that you had killed the guards of the door at the south since they turn hostile when you open the door, you haven't said it in the OP anyway.
    It's better to necro the threads to keep the discussions levels lower, but I guess that don't matters much.
    They turn hostile because one of them got charmed by a Mind Flayer and attacked one of them, so they all turned hostile, it's a silly bug and it has been noted (in the threads you've posted, thanks), so just upload your save to let me fix it.
    The Mind Flayers use their psiconics to dominate one target, it's very bothering here since the monks should be immune to Charm, as they use Quivering Palm but they are not immune to Charm which is really silly since they have to be of a level higher than 9 to get QP and Charm immunity comes at 9.

  • powurzpowurz Member Posts: 28
    I was thinking of that and was looking up the monk stuff after my post. I already got through the quest so I don't need the save repaired, but I imagine it's a relatively easy fix to make a few cre files un-charmable. Thanks for the quick responses!

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,135
    edited February 2014
    @Gate70 it didn't happen to be a domination spell, just @LiamEsler mentioned it a while ago here and I thought it was that, when it wasn't.
    In my game Keno died first at the jaws of the Mind Flayers, so he couldn't turn hostile.

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