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Dialogue options you really wish the game had.



  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    Aw. my mistake. Don't mind me then.

  • chbrookschbrooks Member Posts: 86
    Ollmer said:

    Mivsan said:

    I wish you could end romances in a more polite/friendly way than basically something like:
    "I'm tired of your whining, wench! Leave me alone!"

    As long as I remember, there is polite option to end Aerie romance, but you have to endure several of her "oh my wings" dialogues before it finally appears. I could be mistaken though, it was a long time ago when I did her romance (with original NPC's it was/is (if not changed in EE) easier to temporarily kick them out or let them die and resurrect them to terminate romance).
    If you've got Aerie in your group without any other romantic dueling or if you and she are relatively separate from the rest of the group, she'll ask about your feelings for her and you can respond that you care for her as a friend, which lets her down gently.

  • Montresor_SPMontresor_SP Member Posts: 2,136

    All the dialogue in Firkraag's quest is really weird if you do Dorn's beforehand. Does my chaotic evil sorcerer care that he got tricked into killing Knights of the Radiant Heart by a psychotic dragon? No. Not particularly. He'd already slaughtered the entire Hall in Athkatla. Just another day in the life of the soon-to-be-god of murder.

    And I get that Mr. Windspear is practically a hermit who's lived far outside of Athkatla for quite a while, but... Come on, you can't seriously expect me to believe that he still thinks I'm an innocent victim after he goes to talk to the Order.

    I can just imagine how that talk would go...

    Garren: "Alright, I know you heard about the killings of Ajantis and the other men in the Windspear Hills. But I assure you, not all is as it seems! These people were wrongfully tricked into killing the knights by the evil dragon Firkraag!"

    Knight: "Hmm... Who did you say these people were again?"

    Garren: "Um, well, there was this handsome half-elf fellow who dressed like a mage... A half-orc in dark armor--"

    Knight: "A half-elf and half-orc!? Gods be, that's got to be them! Men! Send out a squadron immediately for the Windspear Hills! Time to gut those knight-killing bastards!"

    I also get that there's little that Overhaul can do about this, since they can't alter any of the original content. But seriously, Firkraag. Tricking the Radiant Killer into murdering more knights, just to soil his already-horrific honor? Not your brightest playthrough, my scaly friend.

    I could imagine some pretty hilarious dialogue with Garren Windspear as well:

    Garren Windspear: Why don't you rest here in my house, while I go explain matters to the Order of the Radiant Heart?

    Charname: Uh, yeah ... good idea. I'm sure they are dying to hear from us! (Tee-hee-hee!) Get it, Dorn? Dying?

    Dorn: (Grins) Yes, Charname, I'm sure it will make them quite marry... I mean, merry!

    Charname: Stop it, Dorn, you're killing me! (Giggles uncontrollably.)

    Garren Windspear: Errrmm... ok, I'll be off then!

    Charname: OK, have a safe journey. Oh, and watch the floor at the hall of the Order - it was rather slippery last time we went there. I think somebody spilled a kind of fluid all over the place.


    Charname: OK, that got us rid of him. Let's seek out Lord Firkraag and get the hell out of this place before he returns with a bunch of Paladins of the Order!

  • ZaknafeinBaenreZaknafeinBaenre Member Posts: 348
    A simple solution to the Dorn quest Firkraag disparity would be to require the Firkraag quest to be completed before the Dorn quest is triggered.

    I really do feel like a new banter mod-pack needs to be done for EE, and it needs to be based off the suggestions from this awesome thread.

  • GKL206GKL206 Member Posts: 75
    The inconsistency which has always annoyed me is the Mae'Var questline. You kill Prebek, do a couple of other chores and are asked to kill Embarl and bring back his dagger at which point Aerie and one or two other NPCs go "oh no we can't do this, it's... murder (gasp, shock)." You killed someone on Mae'Var's say-so a few minutes ago why have they suddenly developed scruples now?

  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    @GKl206 While I see your point one thing that always bothered me about the game in general is the huge amount of murder you do. Seriously, within the span of 5 minutes I had killed a dozen people just heading to the docks. Five minutes in game time, I think. Honestly its a wonder the good characters don't just go "...Is there *any* way to stop having to kill people everytime we walk outside?"

    But then again, thats the life of a bhaalspawn. I'm pretty sure the game suggests that this stuff isn't normal.

  • ZaknafeinBaenreZaknafeinBaenre Member Posts: 348
    Charm them and walk away...or just walk away. Put your weapons down and knock them out with your fists. It isn't a requirement by any means to kill every mugger

  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    That idea works in a table top game but in games like this you're expected to actually fight these battles to the end. Taking work arounds like that just makes things riskier and ensures a significant loss of XP. In a table top game you can rely on a good DM giving you RPXP for working at alternative solutons. Not on a video game.

    Regardless of its required or not, you are expected too.

  • ZaknafeinBaenreZaknafeinBaenre Member Posts: 348
    No, you really aren't. You are expected to do whatever you want, and that's what makes the game so great. If you are greedy and want the 270 xp for killing a mugger, and u want his 97 gold and short sword, then yea by all means go ahead, but to me that type of incentive is so low that it is clear that all you are expected to do is handle the situation however you want.

  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    edited March 2014
    Except for the fact that when ambushed you can't leave until the enemy is dead. That alone kinda tells me you're expected to fight them. There is no "talk to enemies" button on the console.

    I'm not saying someone shouldn't play like you say if you want too, but the game encourages you to get into fights by rarely making an alternative and making them one of two main sources of advancement (AKA XP). The options you mention all have have to do with crowd control or basically crippling yourself in battle by throwing away your weapon. They wern't ment to help you avoid fights except in specific situations and when these situations come up they'll even tell you (like that guard in the fighter stronghold quest. If Nalia is with you she'll tell you hes under someone else's control).

    The game expects you to deal with most enemies with violence. Its just how it was built and the way the game engine works, as well as the nature of most RPGs in general.

  • ZaknafeinBaenreZaknafeinBaenre Member Posts: 348
    What? I leave the ambush without killing enemies all the time. Are you kidding me? Why waste time killing a bunch of gibberlings, for instance, when you can just walk past them and continue on your journey? Granted, some enemies will follow you out of a room, but a lot of killing can also be avoided if you want to.

  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    Hm. Funny, last time I checked I couldn't fast travel with enemies nearby. Perhaps my memory is just faulty, regardless I stand by everything else I said.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,970
    edited March 2014
    I wish they had at least a few extra dialogue options for the classes other than fighters who get the keep for a stronghold (since making new strongholds would have been presumably a lot more time consuming).

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    I think this is a rare moment where I disagree with @Necomancer‌ .
    I understand what you are saying about certain situations. However, when it comes to an ambush in which you are attacked by bandits/slavers/etc I don't think most good-aligned characters would object to basic self-defense against clearly villainous enemies.

    The Rayic Gethras (not Prebek) one that was initially mentioned is kinda odd for good characters to do, but then again, you are working for a Lawful Evil organization (at least Renal and Linvail are listed as LE). The problem is that if you want to properly role-play a good-aligned thief character, avoiding this quest would preclude you from accessing your stronghold.

    Luckily the game makes it fairly clear that Rayic isn't exactly a good guy (Cowled Wizard) and in fact he is also LE. However, the fact that you even accept the quest and get far enough to burglarize his home kinda hurts the case for good characters (though opposing the Cowled jerks may be a decent justification for some good characters)

  • shawneshawne Member Posts: 3,239
    I would have liked to ask Azothet if she was Simmeon's patron in BG:EE - that would have given Dorn a more tangible reason not to trust her...

  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    @Booinyoureyes Oh no, I agree with you. Good aligned can be as violent as anyone. I don't know where you got the impression I'm against that. I'm just saying BG is not a game where you can avoid it easily, unlike table top games where things are totally different. I could go on a rant about all the times my players ended up avoiding a fight I wanted them to have. Heck, a few times they even got the bandits to join their side.

    I should probably stay on topic *ahem* I find myself wishing all the more that I could flirt and charm my way out of situations. I feel like I am not currently being half the bard I could be.

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    I wish u could ask more characters to join it party. A refusal here and there would make sense. Every npc seems so willing to join you on a dangerous quest (even Xan who thinks u r doomed) so it would make more sense to have a couple "no, thanks though. Good luck with that spellhold thing"

    It's not a vital change but a small one I'd like to see

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