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Game Crash After successful Gladiator Match

XiianXiian Member Posts: 15
This is so F!#$in frustrating!!!!!

So I've been playing BG2EE on iPad and I am having so many issues with this game. I don't have time to list all the bugs I encounter but one bug is just making this game totally unplayable.

The game just crashes after you win a gladiator battle, the announcer congratulates you, you click end dialogue and then it's supposed to fade back into the keep merchant's area but its fade to black pauses goes to ipad home screen. I've had to fight a few tier battles 4 times before it finally works and does not crash. Worst is when I finally got to a battle that was very difficult for me I finally beat it, crashes. Oh man, so mad. So I do it again, crashes. Again, I fail. Again, crashes. WTF man. This is ridiculous. I can't play this game. Fix this shit.


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