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Favorite Fighter Class

ElrandirElrandir Member Posts: 1,657
This is the first of a series of polls showing what everyone's favorite classes and kits are. There will be ten polls, one for each of the standard classes. Barbarian will be placed in the fighter quiz because it has no kits, so there'd be no poll if it wasn't with the other fighters. This poll is to show personal preference, and not to say what is the strongest kit. That said, feel free to debate to your heart's content in the comments!

Favorite Fighter Class 37 votes

Fighter: Simple and strong, nothin' to 'em.
SirK8SCARY_WIZARDNoonxy0n28 4 votes
Berserker: Ragh! Smash!
vnkwerjauStrayedMonkeymeaglothDemonoid_LimewireVrann 5 votes
Wizard Slayer: For those guys who hate mages, but don't have a pole in their nethers.
FredjoWolkBlackravenbadbromanceFlozemkazyavka 6 votes
Kensai: A mage's favorite friend for dual-classing.
elementFenghoangBalrog99ThacoBellCrevsDaakKarashiEffinyEmpyrialwintersConcerto972 10 votes
Dwarven Defender: Dwarven might at it's finest.
elminsterFlashburnManicMcChipmunkGoturallegotaksinElrandirTad_Has_A_Cold_Olive 7 votes
Barbarian: Faster Ragh! Smash!
KamigoroshiSouthpawcoryivmthespacebooinyoureyes 5 votes
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