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Multiplayer Bug?

I've posted this in the multiplayer thread above, but think this might be the correct place! Sorry for the double post :)


New here and not quite sure of the process I'm to go to to report a bug/issue for multiplayer; I've read thing, but being quite un-techinical am not sure of the protocol and where you want me to put it (because it needs to be "discussed..." these are possibly not bugs, just observations, so here we go:

Computer A, Steam, Win7
Computer B, Beamdog, Win 8

If Computer A has the BGEE.exe set to Win 95 comparability mode Baldur's Gate Freeze-Crashes upon attempting to Join Computer B's game or Computer B attempting to join Computer A's game.

Normal: It shouldn't crash :-)

Switching off compatibility mode resolves this problem.

2) Steam, Win 7

If I set my protocol to TCP/IP mode I only have the option of "Create Game", "Protocol" and "Cancel". I do not have a button for "Join Game". However the blank 'top right' button can be pressed, allowing me to enter the hosts address.

Normal: The top right button should say "Join Game"

Thanks, Hope this helps! Awesome Game by the way!


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