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No quest for limited wish?

I finally got my party of multis to the point that Aerie can cast limited wish, but I am not offered the option (as a one-time only wish) for an adventure unlike any other. I thought Aerie's wisdom of 16 would be enough, but tried again after a potion of insight (18 Wisdom) and still no option to start the limited wish adventure. Are there any other special conditions to trigger this? Do I need to cast as the main PC? Is it no longer available in chapter 6? (I know I need to run the adventure before I get to ToB if I want to run it at all).

I am a sucker for XP so want to complete every last quest before chasing down Bodhi - I have just the wish quest and Trademeet left (and who would have predicted Trademeet as the final quest before the showdown?!) Oh, and I should probably draw out a few more cowled wizards for casting magic in the streets, just to prove a point...


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