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editing the world map for areas

quertasquertas Member Posts: 17
im trying to make a new item on the world map to link into future areas. My experience is little whenusing dltcep. i want to load a small area, indoors, and add it to the new place on the map. i looked over the tutorial that is floating aorund but got lost at the beggining. it was asking for bitmaps and i dont create my own... anyways iot was confusing, sory to that author. want to do the basics and the grow from there... using it for bg2ee. thanks all


  • quertasquertas Member Posts: 17
    found it for all those who need it
    Start DLTCEP

    Edit | Area | Load Area | select your area

    General | Edit Wed | (Overlay section) Extract

    Save as BMP

    so how do i create a spot to put on the world map and how cani connect that to an area and then

    or connect to an exisisting city feature. just tryinga simple indoors

  • WispWisp Member Posts: 1,102
    If you want your work to be portable and/or compatible with other mods slash future BG: EE worldmap patches, you should use WeiDU instead of DLTCEP. You have sc#addWmpAre for adding areas to the worldmap (there's a usage example in there, as well) and maybe you want to read this too.

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