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[Known 7125] Minsc pathfinding

WacoWaco Member Posts: 7
edited September 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)

I am sorry, but I realized that this is an issue and I should report it a bit late, so I cannot currently provide saves, which would enable duplicating. This problem concerns only Minsc, the rest of my party was fine.

Being in Ust Natha with Minsc in my party, he had problems going to places I wanted him to. On clicking a spot, he started walking towards it, but after a few seconds stopped, just like when an unexpected obstacle appears in the way even though there was none. Then he continued again, as if successfully finding a new path to avoid the obstacle. Also, if the distance was too long, he would have given up walking, the same way when a character tries to get to the specified position and fails too many times. It got quite annoying.

It only occured in Ust Natha (possibly also when travelling to Underdark, I don't remember), got fixed once I reached surface. After thinking a bit, I may be able to know when it started. I fought with Minsc in Ust Natha tavern melee duels. Afterwards, when winning all of them, the combat sound remained, oddly enough, but I could save and everything, so I ignored it. It's likely the problem started then. Minsc may have thought he was still in a battle, as I think it was 6 seconds, one round, after he made the regular stop.

To provide more context, I did all those duels immediately one after another, melee with Minsc, mage with my CHARNAME. What may also be important, in mage fights I summoned some creatures, which continued to battle summoned creatures of my opponent even after he died and I got teleported out. Then they continued to help me in the next duel (maybe an issue as well?).

Well, I'm not sure you can do something about it with such a report, perhaps :)

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