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[Not an Issue] Paladin Stronghold 2 Completing Wrong

ElementalElemental Member Posts: 5
edited September 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
Just to prefix: I was debating posting in this forum since I did install mods to my game. This is one of the original quests though, so I was unsure how much of an affect the mods would have. I've not installed any stronghold mods.

I am playing a Paladin and working on the stronghold quests. I received the quest to go settle the dispute with Baron Metrich. I speak with the squatters outside and go through the quest, siding with them and defeating the Baron. My journal shows the farmers humble in victory and it states that I needed to dispatch the Baron and his men and the farmers were content with this.

When I return to the Order of the Radiant Heart and speak with Reirrac he accuses me of killing everyone involved -- the Baron and the Farmers. I've tried reloading and choosing different dialogue options, but he keeps thinking I killed everyone.

I understand that I have installed mods so perhaps this isn't really a bug that needs addressed, but is there a console code that can be entered so that Reirrac knows that I sided with the farmers and not the Baron?

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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,608
    Post the exact line Reirrac says and I'll have a look at his dialogue for you.

  • ElementalElemental Member Posts: 5
    The dialogue with him starts like this...

    1. You have returned, though not quite as I expected. I must say that your visit to the Metrich barony has yielded some surprising results.
    2. Word has come to me that all involved in this matter, from the baron to the squatters, have been killed! Was this your intent? Is this how you restore order?

    My options are:

    1. None were innocent. I purged them all that their taint would be removed.
    2. It was unavoidable. Unfortunate, but unavoidable.

    Both options yield this dialogue...

    1. You were to restore order, not kill everyone without question. No, you have not shown an understanding of what proper conduct for the Order should be.
    2. You are hereby removed from the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. You are a paladin without a patron, relieved of any service we might have required.

    That ends the dialogue.

    Thank you for responding and offering your help. Hopefully you can find a solution, otherwise I may get stuck killing the squatters and hopefully that is an acceptable solution to the quest. It just won't feel very paladin-ly.

  • hook71hook71 Member, Developer Posts: 563
    Try C:SetGlobal("PaladinPlot","GLOBAL",12) before talking to Sir William Reirrac.

  • ElementalElemental Member Posts: 5

    Unfortunately that did not change the outcome, I am still accused of killing everyone. Knowing that command now though did allow me to go through and try a number of other variables besides 12. 8 puts me back to the start of the quest, while 9 - 13 all yield the dialogue for killing everyone.

    Strangely enough, I reloaded an earlier save and if I go through the quest again and side with the Baron, it allows me to advance the quest but Reirrac says that I may not have done the right thing. With each of the PaladinPlot variables I did not see that dialogue until I actually redid the quest that way.

    I'm still open to ideas since it's a busy week and I'm not getting much time to play so I don't mind being 'stuck' here at the moment.

    Thank you again, all of the help is appreciated!

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,608
    Presumably you talked to the baron so he attacked you, rather than force attacking him. If that's the case I'm not sure. You could zip and attach some saves so we could have a look - might make it easier to work out what is going on.

  • hook71hook71 Member, Developer Posts: 563
    Yes, I can recreate it if I force attack the baron as it makes the farmers present in the inn turn hostile. The optimal solution for this quest is to talk to the farmers outside the inn so you get their side of the story before entering the inn. If you do that you should have the following global before entering the inn: C:GetGlobal("BaronExposed",GLOBAL") should be 2. (Or 1 if you only talk to one of the farmers outside).

  • ElementalElemental Member Posts: 5
    I do speak with the three squatters outside before going in and then question the Baron about the situation until he attacks me. After they are dead, I go outside and they thank me and my journal updates properly.

    There are a few things I found odd. I never did this quest in the original release so I'm not sure if this is normal: When I speak to the three squatters outside, two go inside the building and one remains outside. Crolus follows me in. None of the squatters are inside when I go in. When the Baron attacks, Crolus does not aggro. Lanka and her assistant do not aggro and immediately leave. I never see or speak to them again. When the fight ends, Crolus walks out of the inn. I step outside and Crolus, Lanka, and her assistant are gone. All three squatters are outside and thank me, then go into the Inn. They are not inside if I go back in. This is the point I return to the Order of the Radiant Heart to report what happened and am accused of killing everyone.

    I did try setting the BaronExposed global and it gives me the same dialogue options with the Baron as when I speak to everyone outside, so that works. I tried setting that and then setting the PaladinStory before ever entering the Umar Inn to face the Baron. If I return to the Radiant Heart at this point, Reirrac will begin the dialogue about the surprising results of sending me there, but my dialogue option simply says no string or variables available and it ends the dialogue.

    I am including a zip of my save game after defeating the Baron and speaking to the squatters, right before the turn in. You can see in the journal how the quest progressed. As I said, I do have some mods installed and Saerelith is in my party, so that may cause a problem if you don't have those mods, I am guessing.


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,608
    Try this save, there was a global variable Sprite_is_dead_plfarm03 indicating one of the farmers had been killed.

    I've removed it in EE Keeper, hoping my lack of mods hasn't corrupted it.

  • ElementalElemental Member Posts: 5
    You guys rock something fierce. That worked.

    Just for my own curiosity, how do you find all these "PaladinStory" "BaronExposed" and sprite being dead things? I appreciate you editting my save this go-round, but I don't want to get too needy if something similar happens again.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,608
    The console (see hotfixes thread in this forum for details on how to enable and use) can be used to check or reset values.
    EE Keeper utility can be found on the net and is a great save game editor.
    Near Infinity (or DLTCEP) can also be found on the net and can check numerous things including dialogue and script options. It takes a little getting used to and then a fair bit longer to understand how it all hangs together.

    Enjoy the rest of your game :)

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