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Game won't download

I downloaded the game from the Android store and launched it. It then pulls up another Downloader that states it is lookin to download the rest of the game. It just sits at 0 bytes.

All of my other software downloads fine.



  • Peter_JohnsonPeter_Johnson Member Posts: 19
    This is a large game... I guess you should try again, but before that check that you have enough space on your tablet/phone (space where the programs can be installed - on some devices the programs cannot be installed on SD card, because there is already internal storage mapped instead of the first SD card and Android does not support installing on the second SD card - any space there is useless for installing programms.).
    Google Play has sometimes problems installing in situation when there is not enough place - sometimes it shows correct error message, but sometimes it seems as if it is downloading something, but it does not ever end. Generally - if it does not show progress (amount of downloaded data), then it is probably this problem.

  • PlaceboC6PlaceboC6 Member Posts: 2
    I appreciate taking the time to respond. In my case it is not free space. I have 15GB free of my 32GB device.

    This thing is just sitting at the 0% download mark as if it is trying to make a connection to a download server that is offline.

    Any developers?

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,819
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