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The Black Pits 2 - FINAL PHASE (SPOILERS!)

I just defeated the Bhaalspawn and I'm ready to start my rebellion.
I'm told by Brodle to meet the others in the bunk room.
I go there, and they're all gathered.
All the gladiators, except Brother Ellraish (who died helping me earlier), the "career gladiator" (who, I assume, is going to side with the enemy), Lea Gosh'Aar and Gerrold Darkfellow.
I'm assuming, from the dialogue I have, that the last two are missing because they're fighting in the pit. If that isn't so... this might be a bug. (FIRST BUG?)

Guards arrive and Brodle turns invisible (he's actually nowhere to be found, not even with True Sight).
Of the many gathered gladiators there, only Dulf Ebonbeard actively participates in the battle, casting a bunch of spells on me.
The others just... stand still. And if I talk to them, some of them complain that we're just sitting there doing nothing. (SECOND BUG??)

I start fighting guards down the hall.
I encounter the guard lieutenant, I speak to him and he gives me a conversation. Right after I finish speaking to him, he initiates a totally different conversation (starts by calling my main character's name). (THIRD BUG???) Basically, I tell him it's time to attack, and I say "let's go!"

We clear out the other guards we see, but the doors to the merchants area, to the "common" area (the one where Gezzthemin and Dulf usually are in) and to the enemy's private quarters are all sealed shut. Actually, in this last case, it's two doors, both leading to the small room where the guard usually stands, before the long aisle.
I searched every defeated enemy, but I couldn't find any key of sorts. And the surviving NPCs, both allied and neutral, can't help me. (FOURTH BUG????)

Now, I'm not sure whether any of these are bugs... but the many, many weird behaviours, summed to the fact that no matter what I do, I'm stuck and I can't go forward, makes me think that something went horribly wrong.
Any help is appreciated.


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