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What's up with...?

Not being able to multiclass a Fighter/Thief/Cleric? Or a Thief/Mage/Cleric? I had a vision of a Priest of Tymora hacking and slashing his way around the coast as a F/T/C but had to settle for a Cleric/Swashbuckler (EEKeepered) instead. Kind of bummed me out. Anyone know why these multiclasses wern't implimented?



  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    edited August 2014
    Multi-classes are restricted to non-humans, and the triple multi-class combination can only be selected at character creation when playing an Elf or Half-Elf. Elves can multi-class Fighter/Mage/Thief and Half-Elves can multi-class both Fighter/Mage/Thief and Fighter/Mage/Cleric. I'm not aware of any other multi-classes in 2e AD&D, so that's probably the reason for them not being implemented in-game.

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  • FrondFrond Member Posts: 121
    Yea, I figured there was nothing to be done about it. Oh well, at least I'll level up only 50% slower instead.

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