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Polymorph Self - Bugg?


I'm a fan of the Polymorph spells. However, I recently discovered that the Polymorph Self in BG: EE is somewhat diffrent from the same spell in BG2:EE.

The Ogre is e.g. not hasted in BG:EE, poison doesn't apply while in spider form, Gnoll actually add -3 to your Thac0 etc. Analysis: The spell is somewhat "nerfed" in BG:EE, sadly.

It's also strange that while in Spider form, you cannot walk freely in web, both games.

Does anyone have any idea or experianced the same problem? :-)



  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,226
    Most of that was how the spell worked in the original BG1:TotSC, which is when this spell was first introduced. In the original BG2 the spell was actually buffed up a bit so it would be more viable for that game. The only thing that is probably a bug is the gnoll form not being proficient with its halberd; which is the cause of the attack penalty. Also, I believe spider form being immune to web is a new thing in EE but I am not sure.

  • MWOMWO Member Posts: 214
    Well, the spell description isn't correct as it is. Spiderform cannot walk in webs, I've tried it out ;-)

    However, the Brown/Black bearform is awsome in BG:EE, but less so in BG2:EE.

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