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Bhaalspawn powers for bg1 (spoilers).

Which ones are the most useful for you?

My charnam regenerates with a 20 con and he carries potions of healing which heal 8 hp fast and cant be interrupted. So cure light wounds seems weak. Minor drain is a fast acting range attack that can interrupt casters, and provides a slight hp boost to boot.

In EE ghoul touch was replaced with horror, and that is so much better. Way better than slow poison, which typically gets interrupted while trying to stop poison on charnam. Potions do it better and horror is a game changer for solo runs, basically insta killing wyverns and stuff .

Tier 3 is debatable. Draw upon holy might has 1001 uses. For a thief, that dex increase boosts your rogue skills by 5% per increase. So if you casted that at level 30, you would get a plus 50 to all of your skills for 10 rounds? Wait, is it really that useful?!? what is the casting level limit?

Vampiric touch is good too, can heal and harm a nice chunk of HP before during or after a fight. Unless i have an alignment restriction i usually keep my rep low to get all evil powers!



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