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item icons?

Big fan of IWD/HoW/TotL

Seeing as how IWD was originally released between bg1 and bg2, the engine resembled more bg1 than 2, but HoW changed it to be more like BG2 as it was released just after bg2.

During that switch the avatars and paperdolls switched to use the more desertlike Amnish bg2 models and character art assets which felt out if place in iwd IMO. Will the EE use the old bg1 or bg2 assets?

In that same vein, iwd had wonderful unique inventory item icons that were made for it and some were used (mostly armors that looked liked more complete suits rather than breatplates but also weapons as well) but in the rush most just used the same icons as bg1 and went unused, especially when a bunch of new weapons were created for the random item feature. I remember poking around with IE at the time and noting some items like pale justice having a unique icon bam given the name of the bam but not being used, or even generic longswords, etc but instead used the bg1 defaults. Only item that didn't was the broadsword class as it was new in IWD. Will an effort be made to use some of them. I don't believe a mod was ever made that did so either. They stood out given the difference in art style.


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