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Dragon Disciple and Dragon Mimicry

Hello there, I would like to start this off with a few things about myself before I get to the gist of this post.

1. I love dragons, I love them enough to go buy a game I already own just to play a class that I can't play on my version nor find the stand alone expansion. -cough-Sacred 2-cough-

2. I've played both the original BG and BG2 before, never all the way through since the games I played were a friends.

3. My knowledge of the DND Uni/Multiverse is gimped as a whole. What little knowledge I do possess, revolves around you guessed it; the dragons in general. Not the actual play but more their lore; I don't claim to know everything about them here.

4. I modern day fantasy, games, and movies have installed a dislike of elves.. Well not so much of a dislike, I just refuse to play them unless I have no choice.

Ok so moving on, why did I mention any of the above? The only reason I choose to buy BGEE over the original was because I learned about the DD kit which after some research; I decided to go for it. After creating my character and running around trying to get my team together (Still trying to remember where Minsc and Dynaheir are.) Then it dawned on me; "since I want to RP as a DD, how close can I get to Dragon Mimicry of the DND dragon?"

And now I'm here, asking for assistance.

I'm still level 1, so I'm fine with rerolling if need be and I know sorcerers don't have a governing stat so I wasn't being particularly effy about my Roll.

Strength: 12
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 7
Charisma: 15

Level one Spells:

True Neutral (As far as this went, I wanted him to either have the blood of a Metallic or Gem dragon, RP purposes only.)

Also, this was going to be the character I carried over into BG2EE, so I need to keep that in mind as well.



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