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Multiplayer - Bug? Following host character...

after a save or area transitions I have to reselect my characters and click the hosts portrait to continue following them. Just a minor inconvience really, but I was wondering if this is normal and if there is a work-around?


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    edited September 2014
    You shouldn't have to reselect your characters every transition @Brimmer‌ but you will need to click "follow" again as all commands are reset during travel, in the same way that spells would be lost if casting hadn't completed. I've just checked and Imoen remained under client control over an area transition.

    It might be possible to assign an AI script to do this (maybe ask in the modding area) or ask for this as a feature request - not sure if you can move this there yourself but it you want to do so a moderator or team member can move it for you.

    Edit, & same for save I guess - didn't realise "Follow" was cancelled after that.

  • BrimmerBrimmer Member Posts: 2
    Oh yeah, it's not the selecting that's a problem, just the following. I normally lead with my fighter and have my mage following the host. So that was in my mind when I mentioned selecting. Sorry about the confusion.

    I understand the area transition part. It's mainly the saving that gets tedious at times b/c my wife saves every couple of mintues lol. About the feature request, that would be great. If a mod sees this and they believe it's relevant, by all means move it to feature request. Or if need be I can just repost there.

    Thanks a ton for the reply. Even without a resolution it puts my mind at ease knowing it's just part of the mechanics and not something wrong with my installation or something.

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