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How do you set up Custom Sound Sets?

DurandalisDurandalis Member Posts: 35
edited September 2014 in BG:EE Mods
So quick question: I know how to 'add' custom sound sets to BG:EE, but could someone provide me with a decent tutorial for how to not only add them, but add the proper subtitles for them as well? I have tried following all the various explanations involving DLTCEP or NearInfinity, but I am still thoroughly confused. If someone is kind enough to explain this to me, I'd truly appreciate it (and should you undertake such an endeavour, assume I am an idiot when explaining).

Edit: I have also used Cuv's customization mod.

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  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    I would like to know this too.

  • DurandalisDurandalis Member Posts: 35
    Mayhap I would be better off asking in General Modding?

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    With BGEE v1.3, adding a custom sound set is as easy as placing the files into the correct directory (assuming you have them named correctly). On Windows, that would be:

    Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\Data\00766\lang\en_US\sounds (replace en_US with your language if not using English)

    AFAIK, adding the subtitles to the game requires editing the dialog.tlk file and adding the soundset to CHARSND.2DA. So you'd probably need to create a WeiDU mod to add the soundset to CHARSND.2DA and add the subtitles to DIALOG.TLK.

    Cuv created a mod to do this and some other customization tasks.

  • DurandalisDurandalis Member Posts: 35
    edited September 2014
    While you are correct, that mod also hasn't seen an update in nearly two years. As of update 1.3, is this mod even compatible? Cuv also specifically says that there are problems when it comes to soundsets. Have these been fixed since? In addition, this thing is really confusing to use. Cuv's mod essentially does what NI and DLTCEP both do.

    What I am looking for is a step-by-step tutorial (based on current info) that is useful for anyone looking to add subtitles to their custom sound sets.

    Keywords from my initial post:

    Assume I am an idiot.

  • DarkDoggDarkDogg Member Posts: 598
    edited September 2014
    First of all this might help:

    The following is a list of the wav files for the custom sound sets.
    Replace each 'XXXXXXX' in the filenames with the name of the sound set (MAX 7 CHARACTERS).
    All the wav files should be 22 khz, 16 bit mono sounds.

    XXXXXXXa.wav : Battle Cry
    XXXXXXXb.wav : Becoming Leader
    XXXXXXXc.wav : Tired
    XXXXXXXd.wav : Bored
    XXXXXXXe.wav : Badly Wounded
    XXXXXXXf.wav : Selected 1
    XXXXXXXg.wav : Selected 2
    XXXXXXXh.wav : Selected 3
    XXXXXXXi.wav : Action Acknowledgement 1
    XXXXXXXj.wav : Action Acknowledgement 2
    XXXXXXXk.wav : Action Acknowledgement 3
    XXXXXXXl.wav : Being Hit
    XXXXXXXm.wav : Dying
    XXXXXXXn.wav : In Forest
    XXXXXXXo.wav : In City
    XXXXXXXp.wav : In Dungeon
    XXXXXXXq.wav : Daytime
    XXXXXXXr.wav : Nighttime
    XXXXXXXs.wav : Rare Selected 1
    XXXXXXXt.wav : Rare Selected 2
    XXXXXXXu.wav : Rare Selected 3
    XXXXXXXv.wav : Rare Selected 4
    XXXXXXXw.wav : Reaction to Party Member Death

    For example your "Becoming Leader" wav you should name it DURANb.wav or simple FEMALE7b if you don't want to bother with 2DA editing.

    Then open the setup.tra file in your Notepad
    For example:
    @0 = ~Everyone will benefit under my leadership.~ ----> string where your PC getting the partyleader.
    Change it to:
    @0 = ~I will lead the group!~ ----> or whatever you need

    @1 = ~Oh, you know...I could really use some rest.~ - is the XXXXXXXc.wav : Tired. Rename your wav file FEMALE7c.wav

    and change it to whatever you need in the setup.tra file:
    @1 = ~Stop. I am tired. I need rest.~ --- or whatever...

    Do it with other commands from the list.
    Save it in Notepad.

    Rename all your custom sound files according to the list.
    And place the into the bgee_customize\Sounds folder.

    And install the customization mod.

    Start the game and pick the "female7" (no matter of your gender) soundset for your PC.

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