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Solo Character without True Sight or Invisibility Purge... how to handle Potion of Invisibility?

I was working on a Shadowdancer 13 > Fighter and thought, without any ability to dispel illusions or invisibility I'm going to get backstabbed to hell, so I better pump Detect Illusion.

Unfortunately it just doesn't seem to work against any Potion of Invisibility use. I used Keeper to give myself huge boosts to test and I sat there with detect illusions on at 100, 150, 200 and many rounds later, no one ever detected.


I have SCS installed and BGTweaks. And I'm trying to figure out how on earth you'd make it through solo with this issue.


  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,289
    That sounds like a bug to me. Afaik Detect Illusion is a great skill that should dispel all invisibility (and other illusions), be it in invisibility through spells, scrolls, potions or items such as rings. SCS or BGTweaks aren't supposed to change that.

  • GSmith84GSmith84 Member Posts: 25
    I just re-installed SCS started a new game and instead of giving myself thieving skills I gave myself XP to manually enter it just in case and tested it.

    I ran straight from Waukeen's to the Tanner's basement and it appears to be properly dispelling. I will have to make my way to Maevar's Guild to see if it works there as that is where I encountered the issue. (Doesn't make the Rune Assassin's being able to see through invisibility any less annoying but thats a separate issue.)

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,971
    @GSmith84‌ and @Blackraven‌ All this time I've searched the reason (because I encounter this problem myself in the latest playthrough) and it seems I've found the answer at last:

    by @CamDawg‌

    Detect Illusion Thieving skill works ONLY against SPELLS from the illusion school. Ashirukuru are actually hidden in shadows, so DI shouldn't be outing them. The other two are actually exposing 'cheats' of the engine--both of those mages use a ring to simulate pre-buffs, so they're not true mirror images.

    by @AlexT‌

    As for the Ashirikurus, it can be assumed that they are initially hiding in shadows so we're not making any changes there for now.

    Applying this logic, enemies that have drunk a potion of invisibilty and/or hiding in shadows are NOT detected by this skill.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,289
    Wow, all these years I thought that thieves' Detect Illusions functioned as True Sight, i.e. detecting both potions-based invisibility and Stealth (unless the Cloak of Non-Detection is used), as well as spell-based invisibility. Good to know, though it saddens me that once again Mages get the best deal.
    I'm running a Mage/Swashbuckler who already has 50 in Detect Illusions. If I make it into Amn with her, I'll test how she fares in the situations @GSmith84 mentioned. My memory of them is a bit hazy I fear.

  • GSmith84GSmith84 Member Posts: 25
    It must have been due to a weird situation in my mod install or something because its working now. I can't say for Neutral characters but it does work for hostiles. I don't know what all illusions are considered in this skill though but invisibility I think is the big one. I also don't know what level of detect illusions you need to dispel invisibility as a gnome with Detect at 45 it does get it 50% of the time between Leaving Shadows and I guess the next round where you'd be fully revealed.

    As such you can Hide > Detect > Hide again without being engaged in combat fairly regularly and get rid of invisibility, some times mirror image too. I don't know if the Detect Skill being increased increases the speed of the detection or some higher level illusions (like Mislead) require higher detection.

    It doesn't really offer a counter to mages because Stoneskin makes backstab a moot point anyway and they would need to be dealt with in another fashion.

  • bbearbbear Member Posts: 1,180
    I know 2 ways to dispel illusion (both means are pretty late in the game though):

    1. Book of Infinite Spells: True Seeing
    2. Upgraded Thief Hood

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,670
    Doesn't the dragonslaying sword let you detect invisibility?

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