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[DUPE 7169] - Planetar in Dorn quest in ToB won't die

MegamikeMegamike Member Posts: 8
edited December 2013 in Not An Issue
I'm playing ToB right now. I have Dorn in my party and after I left Saradush and and travelled to the Forest of Mir I had a random encounter with a Planetar and several clerics. They told me they were there because of Dorn and wanted to punish him or something. In my game Dorn stayed with neither of the two demons in SoA, but chose to be free. I easily killed the clerics, but the planetar just won't die. It remains constantly at "Near Death" status. I have literally attacked it for about 30 minutes, thrown every spell I have at it and still only at "Near Death". The game says that my characters and spells do damage, but it does not help.
So I just ran away from the encounter and continued with the game. But now every time I travel somewhere I get "waylaid" at the map with the immortal planetar on it, who still attacks me.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there some special way to kill planetars or this specific planetar of which I am not aware of? I would think that my party is too weak to kill it, if the thing didn't remain at "Near Death" during most of the battle...
So is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

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