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Help with disarming traps

Hello everyone. I'm not actually 100% sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but here goes nothing anyway. I'm playing on Ipad and am not able to successfully disarm a trap. Imoen finds it no problem, but when she tries to disarm it she just walks over it and triggers it. We are at Firewine Bridge and her find traps is at 80. Sorry for the silly question, I'm probably missing something obvious.


  • MerinaMerina Member Posts: 303
    Did you manage to disarm traps at Nashkel Mines?
    What is displayed at the bottom about the trap? Something like "Trap not disarmed"?
    Have you tried drinking a Potion of Perception yet to give that a try?
    Or do you believe it to be a game movement mechanics problem?

  • SouthpawSouthpaw Member Posts: 2,026
    Actually, what happens to me sometimes - with AI turned on - the Thief finds a trap, goes in to disarm it ... and sees enemies, who attack him and he/she instantly spins into berserker rage against the lowly skeletons and tries to kill them in melee at all costs, ignoring the possibly deadly trap under his heels.

    In other words ...
    *Let's stay sharp and careful. A patient Thief stays alive. Remember the Thief College..."stay patient, stay alive" ... ooh ... this looks like a trap. Cleverly disguised, but they aren't getting this rogue.
    Now I will slip this blade under the mechanism. Slow ... slooow ... sloooow ... what?!
    A SKELETON ?!?!



  • proccoprocco Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 906
    Are you hitting the thieving button before attempting to disarm (it's the one that looks like a mask)? The thief won't automatically disarm a trap just by tapping on the trap.

  • gartikkergartikker Member Posts: 3
    procco said:

    Are you hitting the thieving button before attempting to disarm (it's the one that looks like a mask)? The thief won't automatically disarm a trap just by tapping on the trap.

    Yes, on ipad the thieving button is still red, just like when she discovered it. When i tap on the trap, Imoen doesn't do anything other than walk over it and it triggers after that and getting my entire party killed at one time. I don't get an error message either about it failing on the message box. So it feels like I'm just being stupid.

    Btw, managed to somehow get through Nashkel Mines without disarming traps.

  • LateralusLateralus Member Posts: 903
    My favorite PnP character from long ago was a wanna be knight with a torch bearer NPC thief. Only the knight (Sir Dirk the Daring I know it was very unoriginal but it stuck) did not know the torch bearer was a thief, or his first name for that matter! lol

    "Torch bearer, go forth and lead the way!"

  • dreamriderdreamrider Member Posts: 417
    edited October 2014
    Perhaps you are under the misapprehension that because Detect Traps and Disarm Traps use the same rating and are advanced together as your thief progresses, they are activated by the same button. That is NOT TRUE.

    The Thief Skill button is the button with the MASK on it. The Thief Skill button should NOT show as ON (red rim) when you are detecting traps. Detect Traps and Thief Skills CANNOT be ON at the same time; activating one will turn off the other. After you have found a trap (or traps), you will need to turn the Thief Skill button on. Then move your cursor over the nearest edge of the trap trigger area. DO NOT click on the trap yet!

    When the cursor of a character with an activated Disarm Trap skill is moved over the trap trigger zone, the Trigger zone will change color, and the cursor sprite will change shape. If those two things do not happen, check that you are not wearing prohibitive armor or something, then try activating your Thief Skill button (the some button that you use to Open Locks) again. Repeat all of the above.

    When you have confirmed that the trap area has turned green (like a chest when you are about to open it), and the cursor has changed to the Disarm cursor, then you may click on the EDGE of the trigger zone. Your character should then move near the trap and the trap trigger zone will vanish.

    (Pause and turn Detect on again, then wait 10 sec or so to see if a stacked trap is detected.)

    If none of that works, contact Customer Service.

  • proccoprocco Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 906
    Yep, as @dreamrider‌ says, it's two different buttons for detecting and disarming traps. Make sure you tap the mask before tapping the trap. There will be a little golden trap icon on the thief's circle marker at their feet if it's activated. If you don't see the icon after tapping the trap, quickly pause and try again.

  • gartikkergartikker Member Posts: 3
    Ugh, thanks everyone. Silly mistake to make and should have been obvious. Oh well, onward with the game.

  • MerinaMerina Member Posts: 303
    gartikker said:

    Btw, managed to somehow get through Nashkel Mines without disarming traps.

    Missing the chance to practise disarming. Haha. In other words, you've run into them, because there are multiple traps on level 4 you cannot walk around.

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