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Npcs and alignment changes



  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,204
    Xavioria said:

    Who's to say that Aerie wouldn't turn evil given the right circumstances?

    Contractual restrictions is to say just that.

    It's kind of moot debating which character should be able to change into this or that alignment and behaviour seeing as Overhaul can't actually touch the "old" characters in such drastic ways. Maybe they'll be given more leeway with BG2:EE if the first game is a success but for now it seems the restrictions apply to both games in the series.

    I'm not just nitpicking for the sake of it here, I too would like for the possibility for more of the companions to change, but at the end of the day only the new crew can be updated in any significant way.

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    Lmao, Aerie has a contractual agreement that does not allow her to turn evil!

  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,204
    Xavioria said:

    Lmao, Aerie has a contractual agreement that does not allow her to turn evil!

    Hah. Quayle might seem like he's become a good person, but those circus workers of his are under some pretty strict work agreements ^.^

  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,684
    The game contract bind any change on the original content, so the entire original content must be in BG EE and BG2 EE, so upholding that any addition is valid, as any 2° or 3° patch for a character to follow.

    But i don't have the contract to affirm this, therefore it's only my personal opinion from what Beamdog already let ppl know of the bind clauses.

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    All in all I think a few of us are holding out hope that the contract becomes more lenient. It's more than likely that it won't happen, and that's understandable. I think the rest of it is wishful thinking lmao

    I more than hope that something like this is added to some of the npcs that are new that appear in bg2

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