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Companion keeps stopping / cancelling commands

Hi all,

I have only found it with Dorn so far, but when moving or trying to fight he will stop and stand still. I have removed all items, removed all scripts, turned off AI, increased pathing modules and still the same! I even kicked him out and he didnt walk to me to complain about it.

I think the last thing that happened out of the ordinary was that Azothet died due to writing her name on the Scroll of retribution, though with the crazy melee that has been going on it has been difficult to tell and may have happened before that,

Can anyone help?


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,610
    He will probably be trying to initiate a dialogue @Snayff‌ however I've been through and can't see what dialogue it should be, or why it is happening.

    If both patrons are now dead, I suspect he should no longer be a Blackguard (haven't tried sing the scroll to achieve this so may need to investigate when I have time). Have you edited the game or his character at some point?

  • SnayffSnayff Member Posts: 12
    It was odd, @Gate70‌ , but when I left the pocket plane just now it worked as normal. No idea what happened in that time and place. Never edited the char, modded minimally with gibberlings tweaks for multi romance.

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