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Help with using cheats in Icewind dale EE

michael1324michael1324 Member Posts: 26
edited December 2014 in New Players (NO SPOILERS!)
I have properly edited the baldurs file

I have found codes for items and things but none of them work
I have apparently got 1 code to work. CHEATERSDOPROSPER:EnableCheatKeys(),
that one enables me to do a few things one of them teleports selected units to cursor

this is an example of a code that does not work.

its supposed to give me 500 gold I tried many others that did not work either

I could also use a tip as to why there are parentasese "( )" and also brackets "[ ]" for some codes
I would normally figure putting X number of gold in ( ) but then why do they have brackets on some codes as well ?

A lot of the codes say to press Ctrl + tab but for me its Ctrl + M ?

I trying to use this one


so I can figure out how I want to build my character by maxing his level

so I put it in like this does not work then I do it again without brackets still does not work then I do it again without ( ) still does not work and then do it again without either nothing is getting it to work.

but it does not work

instead I get a text that says snow percentage rain chance
LOL its a weather forcast !


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