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BG2 Won't Launch

So, I recently reinstalled BG2 to get rid of a headache that installing the new OS on my mac seemed to create. Download went OK, but when I open the launcher and try to launch, it quits out. No idea what's going on, and I have no idea what to do.

Apologies if this was posted and answered already.


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,608
    Hi @Talhe‌
    A couple of things you could try. Easiest one is try a reboot after install if you haven't done so. If that doesn't help, find the games documents folder (~/Documents/Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition) and rename it to see if "clean" files resolves your issue.

  • yifanyifan Member Posts: 1
    Same problem on Mac OSX Yosemite Here. Won't start from the launcher after reinstall and reboot. Starting from the in /Applications/Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition/Game Data report an it's an PowerPC app and is not supported.

    However, if I use Terminal to run the executable inside the package under Contents/MacOS/ , the game will start.

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