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#6300 [CORE] - BG2EE: Where'd my assignable keys go? (Steam)

EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 832
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I loved the assignable hotkeys for BG2! It made soloing the game as a Sorceress like a creative magical symphony.

Having started up BG2EE, the assignable keys are the same as in BG1EE. (Feh.) The big news for me was that not all spells have assignable keys! Death Spell is the final entry on the Mage List, which is not the highest level.

If this is already fixed in an upcoming patch, yay and thanks!
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  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,155
    @Endarire I can say I miss them too (mainly because I play on an iPad), I can give you a list of the spells and their codes, but I don't know how to set them in the EE.

    [Keymap Priest Spells]
    SPPR102=Command: Die
    SPPR103=Cure Light Wounds
    SPPR104=Detect Evil
    SPPR106=Magic Stone
    SPPR107=Protect from Evil
    SPPR108=Remove Fear
    SPPR111=Armor of Faith
    SPPR204=Charm Person or Mammal
    SPPR205=Find Traps
    SPPR206=Flame Blade
    SPPR208=Hold Person
    SPPR209=Know Alignment
    SPPR210=Resist Fire / Cold
    SPPR211=Silence 15' Radius
    SPPR212=Slow Poison
    SPPR213=Spiritual Hammer
    SPPR214=Draw Upon Holy Might
    SPPR301=Animate Dead
    SPPR302=Call Lightning
    SPPR303=Dispel Magic
    SPPR304=Glyph of Warding
    SPPR305=Hold Animal
    SPPR306=Protection from Fire
    SPPR307=Remove Curse
    SPPR308=Remove Paralysis
    SPPR309=Invisibility Purge
    SPPR310=Miscast Magic
    SPPR311=Rigid Thinking
    SPPR312=Strength of One
    SPPR313=Holy Smite
    SPPR314=Unholy Blight
    SPPR315=Cure Medium Wounds
    SPPR317=Cure Disease
    SPPR318=Zone of Sweet Air
    SPPR319=Summon Insects
    SPPR401=Cure Serious Wounds
    SPPR402=Animal Summoning 1
    SPPR403=Free Action
    SPPR404=Neutralize Poison
    SPPR405=Mental Domination
    SPPR406=Defensive Harmony
    SPPR407=Protection from Lightning
    SPPR408=Protection from Evil 10' radius
    SPPR409=Death Ward
    SPPR410=Call Woodland Beings
    SPPR412=Holy Power
    SPPR414=Cause Serious Wounds
    SPPR416=Cloak of Fear
    SPPR501=Animal Summoning 2
    SPPR502=Cure Critical Wounds
    SPPR503=Flame Strike
    SPPR504=Raise Dead
    SPPR505=True Seeing
    SPPR506=Iron Skins
    SPPR507=Champion's Strength
    SPPR508=Chaotic Commands
    SPPR509=Magic Resistance
    SPPR510=Cause Critical Wounds
    SPPR511=Slay Living
    SPPR512=Greater Command
    SPPR513=Righteous Magic
    SPPR514=Mass Cure
    SPPR515=Repulse Undead
    SPPR516=Pixie Dust
    SPPR517=Insect Plague
    SPPR601=Aerial Servant
    SPPR602=Animal Summoning
    SPPR603=Blade Barrier
    SPPR604=Conjure Animals
    SPPR605=Conjure Fire Elemental
    SPPR606=Fire Seeds
    SPPR609=False Dawn
    SPPR610=Dolorous Decay
    SPPR611=Wondrous Recall
    SPPR612=Bolt of Glory
    SPPR613=Physical Mirror
    SPPR614=Sol's Searing Orb
    SPPR701=Shield of the Archons
    SPPR702=Conjure Earth Elemental
    SPPR704=Nature's Beauty
    SPPR705=Fire Storm
    SPPR706=Symbol: Fear
    SPPR708=Finger of Death
    SPPR710=Holy Word
    SPPR714=Energy Drain
    SPPR715=Unholy Word
    SPPR717=Creeping Doom
    SPPR718=Symbol: Stun
    SPPR719=Symbol: Death
    SPPR721=Energy Blades
    SPPR722=Storm of Vengeance
    SPPR723=Elemental Swarm
    SPPR724=Greater Elemental Summoning
    SPPR725=Globe of Blades
    SPPR726=Summon Deva
    SPPR727=Summon Fallen Deva
    SPPR729=Mass Raise Dead
    SPPR730=Aura of Flaming Death
    SPPR731=Fire Elemental Transformation
    SPPR732=Earth Elemental Transformation

    [Keymap Wizard Spells]
    SPWI103=Burning Hands
    SPWI104=Charm Person
    SPWI105=Color Spray
    SPWI108=Protection from Petrification
    SPWI112=Magic Missile
    SPWI113=Protection from Evil
    SPWI115=Shocking Grasp
    SPWI117=Chill Touch
    SPWI118=Chromatic Orb
    SPWI119=Larloch's Minor Drain
    SPWI120=Reflected Image
    SPWI123=Find Familiar
    SPWI124=Nahal's Reckless Dweomer
    SPWI202=Detect Evil
    SPWI203=Detect Invisibility
    SPWI208=Know Alignment
    SPWI210=Resist Fear
    SPWI211=Melf's Acid Arrow
    SPWI212=Mirror Image
    SPWI213=Stinking Cloud
    SPWI217=Agannazar's Scorcher
    SPWI218=Ghoul Touch
    SPWI220=Power Word Sleep
    SPWI221=Ray of Enfeeblement
    SPWI222=Chaos Shield
    SPWI302=Remove Magic
    SPWI303=Flame Arrow
    SPWI306=Hold Person
    SPWI307=Invisibility 10' radius
    SPWI308=Lightning Bolt
    SPWI309=Monster Summoning 1
    SPWI311=Protection from Normal Missiles
    SPWI313=Skull Trap
    SPWI314=Vampiric Touch
    SPWI316=Dire Charm
    SPWI317=Ghost Armor
    SPWI318=Minor Spell Deflection
    SPWI319=Protection from Fire
    SPWI320=Protection from Cold
    SPWI321=Spell Thrust
    SPWI322=Detect Illusion
    SPWI324=Hold Undead
    SPWI325=Melf's Minute Meteors
    SPWI326=Dispel Magic
    SPWI403=Fire Shield (Blue)
    SPWI404=Ice Storm
    SPWI405=Improved Invisibility
    SPWI406=Minor Globe of Invulnerability
    SPWI407=Monster Summoning 2
    SPWI408=Stone Skin
    SPWI410=Remove Curse
    SPWI411=Emotion: Hopelessness
    SPWI412=Greater Malison
    SPWI413=Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
    SPWI414=Spirit Armor
    SPWI415=Polymorph Other
    SPWI416=Polymorph Self
    SPWI417=Enchanted Weapon
    SPWI418=Fire Shield (Red)
    SPWI419=Secret Word
    SPWI420=Minor Sequencer
    SPWI421=Teleport Field
    SPWI423=Spider Spawn
    SPWI425=Wizard Eye
    SPWI501=Animate Dead
    SPWI503=Cone of Cold
    SPWI504=Monster Summoning 3
    SPWI505=Shadow Door
    SPWI507=Hold Monster
    SPWI510=Spell Immunity
    SPWI511=Protection from Normal Weapons
    SPWI512=Protection from Electricity
    SPWI514=Lower Resistance
    SPWI516=Conjure L. Fire Elemental
    SPWI517=Protection from Acid
    SPWI518=Phantom Blade
    SPWI520=Conjure L. Air Elemental
    SPWI521=Conjure L. Earth Elemental
    SPWI522=Minor Spell Turning
    SPWI601=Invisible Stalker
    SPWI602=Globe of Invulnerability
    SPWI603=Tenser's Transformation
    SPWI604=Flesh to Stone
    SPWI605=Death Spell
    SPWI606=Protection from Magic Energy
    SPWI608=Pierce Magic
    SPWI609=True Sight
    SPWI611=Protection from Magic Weapons
    SPWI612=Power Word Silence
    SPWI613=Improved Haste
    SPWI614=Death Fog
    SPWI615=Chain Lightning
    SPWI618=Spell Deflection
    SPWI619=Wyvern Call
    SPWI620=Conjure Fire Elemental
    SPWI621=Conjure Air Elemental
    SPWI622=Conjure Earth Elemental
    SPWI623=Carrion Summons
    SPWI624=Summon Nishruu
    SPWI625=Stone to Flesh
    SPWI701=Spell Turning
    SPWI702=Protection from Elements
    SPWI703=Project Image
    SPWI704=Ruby Ray of Reversal
    SPWI705=Warding Whip
    SPWI710=Spell Sequencer
    SPWI711=Sphere of Chaos
    SPWI712=Delayed Blast Fireball
    SPWI713=Finger of Death
    SPWI714=Prismatic Spray
    SPWI715=Power Word Stun
    SPWI716=Mordenkainen's Sword
    SPWI717=Summon Efreeti
    SPWI718=Summon Djinni
    SPWI719=Summon Hakeashar
    SPWI720=Control Undead
    SPWI721=Mass Invisibility
    SPWI722=Limited Wish
    SPWI723=Improved Chaos Shield
    SPWI803=Protection from Energy
    SPWI805=Pierce Shield
    SPWI807=Summon Fiend
    SPWI808=Improved Mantle
    SPWI809=Spell Trigger
    SPWI810=Incendiary Cloud
    SPWI811=Symbol Fear
    SPWI812=Abi Dalzim's Horrid Wilting
    SPWI815=Power Word Blind
    SPWI816=Symbol Stun
    SPWI817=Symbol Death
    SPWI818=Bigby's Clenched Fist
    SPWI902=Spell Trap
    SPWI903=Spell Strike
    SPWI907=Absolute Immunity
    SPWI908=Chain Contingency
    SPWI909=Time Stop
    SPWI911=Meteor Swarm
    SPWI912=Power Word Kill
    SPWI913=Wail of the Banshee
    SPWI914=Energy Drain
    SPWI915=Black Blade of Disaster
    SPWI918=Bigby's Crushing Hand
    SPWI920=Energy Blades
    SPWI921=Improved Alacrity
    SPWI922=Dragon's Breath
    SPWI923=Summon Planetar
    SPWI924=Summon Dark Planetar

    [Keymap High Level Abilities]
    SPCL900=Whirlwind Attack
    SPCL901=Greater Whirlwind Attack
    SPCL903=Greater Deathblow
    SPCL904=Resist Magic
    SPCL905=Critical Strike
    SPCL906=Power Attack
    SPCL908=War Cry
    SPCL910=Set Spike trap
    SPCL911=Set Exploding Trap
    SPCL912=Set Time trap
    SPCL914=Greater Evasion
    SPCL915=Use Any Item
    SPCL917=Avoid death
    SPCL919=Scribe Scrolls
    SPCL921=Magic Flute
    SPCL923=Summon Deva
    Yeah, they are a lot :P [/spoiler]
    Try searching for a file named Keymap.ini, open it with a text editor that can save as .ini (notepad could, I don't have Windows so I can't say) and go to the spells you want and keycap them, don't use the hoykeys used by the game, it will ruin everything, some free letters are

    E T I P A S D F G J K L C V B N
    But maybe some are used too, I can't remeber pretty well, I am tired right now :P
  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 832
    CrevsDaak: That's a good start! Thankee!
  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    edited December 2013
    As a mean average, there are 9 spells listed per level. Which gives somewhere around 77 mage spells. There is an approximate total of 198 possible spells. I'm going to assume the reason why not all spells are listed is due to the time it would take to hunt through and find the one you are looking for. There could even be a technical reason for it, but I have no idea right now. Adding additional portraits apparently broke the keybinding.

    I'll take a look and upload a new SQL file later. No guarantees that it won't break something else, though.

    Mage spells done. Someone will need to test and let me know if it even works.

    (As I type, I notice that I left Identify in there. Ignore that spell for now.)
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  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 832
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    Troodon90: Thanks!

    How do I install this SQL file?
  • NebbleifNebbleif Member Posts: 1
    Endarire: Just having the SQL file in the My Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\Portraits folder seems to work.

    Troondon80: Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the SQL file has the intended effect :(

    The Assign Keys \ Mage Spells menu is appropriately updated, but using it to assign keys doesn't work as it should. It seems that the game ignores all the buttons you added, and acts like it's the old menu.

    Example: If you try to assign Protection from Petrification to a hotkey, it works fine, because the new Assign Keys \ Mage Spells menu is identical to the old one up to that point. However, the next spell on the list is Identify, which is not assignable in the regular game. If you try to assign Identify to a hotkey, the game will ignore that the Identify button is present in the menu, and instead assign Infravision to that hotkey, because in the old menu, that's where Infravision was.

    It appears no spells that weren't already assignable are assignable now.

    Editing the Baldur.ini file directly to assign hotkeys doesn't seem to work either for any spells that are not already assignable.
  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
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    I did say there could be a technical limitation as to why they were not all included.

    After taking a quick look at this, it appears that the spells are somehow linked to the SQL row number. For example, item number 125 (as default) is SPWI212, but in my file it is SPWI208. However, even though mine is 208, it still uses the default SPWI212 when the key is pressed.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,305
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    @Troondon80 If it helps at all I'm assuming this has to do with #6300 (internal bug number). But just with regard to BG2EE and not BGEE.
  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110

    I assume it is the same issue at the heart of it, yes. :-)
  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Tagged for 6300.
  • nanonano Member Posts: 1,632
    Has anyone found a way to assign keys to unlisted spells like stoneskin?
  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @nano, not yet. It will be looked at in due course. :-)
  • DarKelPDarKelP Member Posts: 183
    Please, Will you fix this with the next patch?

    We have this issue since BGEE...
  • DarKelPDarKelP Member Posts: 183
    Hi, Could some DEV confirm?

    In BG2 (the original game) you can also assign actions with Ctrl+"any key". An example:

    F -> Melf's Minute Meteors.
    Ctrl + F -> Sunfire.
  • DarKelPDarKelP Member Posts: 183
    Again this bug hasn't been fixed with the beta...
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