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Ascension Mod Questions

danbo0001danbo0001 Member Posts: 16

I have just updated to v1.3 and hopefully will have some time to play this over the holidays, but I was wondering about old mods in BG2EE.

I have found my old Dave Gaider Ascension and tougher battles mod files - will they work in BG2EE on Windows if I install them the same way as for the original (iirc it was unzipping them to the override folder or something)?

If they do work in Windows, how about in the Android version? (am thinking of getting that too!)

I have read through a long Ascension mod thread talking about converting it to be compatible with BG2EE, but I couldn't tell if that was because they would break in BG2EE or they simply wouldn't take advantage of the new stuff. If they do work to some extent, I am happy just to use my existing files rather than install BP etc or wait for an official compatible version. I am also interested in using them on the Android version too! I can't imagine playing TOB without Ascension now :)



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