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you know how he always says "why do i live in such a pissant town?"

i'm wondering which town he's referring to. it can't be beregost as he lives 8 hours travel away, so where DOES he live?


  • simplessimples Member Posts: 539
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,746
    This is how the developers treated these territories. But we shouldn't base our assumptions on the game itself when it comes to those facts that are created by Ed Greenwood himself.

    As a side note, I have to mention that distances and time needed to travel between locations in BG, in general, are quite inconsistent.

  • Beregost seems almost like a region to me. I imagine between High Hedge and Beregost there are farmhouses etc. You have to consider that Beregost is a trading haven along the Trade Way, it also started as a farming community, back when the Ulcaster School was still around roughly 200-300 years prior.

    A quote from the Forgotten Realms wiki:

    "The local clerics of Lathander graze their sheep near the ruins to keep an eye on things in the area"

    Also, there's said to be nearly 3,000 inhabitants only 3 years after we see it in the original BG. My guess is that most of those are on the outskirts (similar to Baldur's Gates' outskirts occupying many of its 40,000ish citizens).

    Hope this helps :D

  • LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,264
    edited September 2014
    In canon, High Hedge is in the wilderness a short distance outside Beregost (I don't think it says whether to the west, north, of the south of the town but probably not to the east). The Song of the Morning is centrally located on the main street (Coast Way). And the Ulcaster ruins rests on an easternmost hill within Beregost that overlooks the town. The Lathanderite priests graze sheep on the Ulcaster ruins' hill and keep vegetable gardens on it. But anyway, High Hedge shouldn't be 8 hours away.

    Back in a the day I recall there was a mod (mod component?) that corrected all the travel times between maps to reflect the canon map.

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  • simplessimples Member Posts: 539
    he does? oh

    just also noticed that the maps of beregost and high hedge line up. if you look at the bit in the bottom left corner in beregost, it continues in high hedge. so yeah, 8 hours, what?

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,204
    I have other doubts about Thalantyr:
    1- Through his dialogues one can find out that he was an adventurer back in the old days, and it is quite clear that he found several netherese artifacts. Is there further canon information about it?

    2-Where is his bedroom? The must be some sort of portal or secret passage that leads to it!

    3-What's his real level? The original BG1 manual says he's a really high level mage, but in the game I think he's level 11...

    4- Just a complaint: If the game were Planescape : Torment , there would be lots of secret messages to be decyphered from the runes on the inner walls of the High Hedge.

  • TethorilofLathanderTethorilofLathander Member Posts: 427
    As for part 1:

    "Long ago, Thalantyr was an treasure hunter who quested for the lost magic of Netheril in desolate fortresses and keeps. On one such journey, the wizard appeared to have been captured by a horrid beast and only escaped through his quick thinking and the forgotten spells of Netheril"

    Taken from the Forgotten Realms wiki :)

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